Announced!South club players circle told retirement, sigh

2022-04-23 0 By

Guangzhou has been grabbing headlines these days, with various players rumored to be on the move, and then xu announcing a strange salary document. The current situation of Guangzhou is to say goodbye to a few people every day, and the old players are scattered.Just today, another piece of news was exposed by Titan Sports, although it did not directly point out the Guangzhou team but it is almost out of the ten.On February 17, Beijing time, Titan Sports weekly wrote an article about the preparation of Shandong Taishan Team. The reporter Wang Xiaorui mentioned that not long ago, an old national football player from a big southern club had announced his plan to retire in the football field because he could not find another player because of his condition.This news spread to shandong Taishan team, also caused a sigh, a Taishan team member said: “or cherish the moment, have to work hard every day, constantly strict requirements on their own, often have to add code.”The journalist added to the news on social media, saying: “He is also the former captain of the National football team!Multiple sources verify: it is possible to retire.Of course, there should be no regrets in career!”There are only three giants in the south, Shanghai SIPG, Shanghai Shenhua and Guangzhou.The oldest players who have worn the armband are CAI Huikang, Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, Mei Fang and Huang Bowen. CAI Huikang’s contract expires in 2025, and Feng Xiaoting has one year left on his contract, so they are not the ones who will retire.So the person who wants to retire basically is guangzhou team’s person, by the way to introduce guangzhou team’s current contract situation.In October last year, the contract of liao Lisheng and the club has come to an end, considering to maintain the condition and the possibility of transfer later, Liao Lisheng participated in the training and competition of the team without any contract.Mei, whose contract with Guangzhou expired on Dec 31 last year, also left after the team’s final match on Jan 4 and has been linked with a return to his hometown of Wuhan sanzhen.The contract has expired with Guangzhou team zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen, Li Xuepeng, Deng Hanwen and other players.Zhang Linpeng, 32, is still the best right-back in China and is likely to move to Shanghai Harbour.Zheng zhi, 42, has been on a one-year contract since years ago. Huang Bowen, 34, has been zheng’s first assistant since the start of the second phase of the Chinese Super League, but he is not yet certified or qualified to coach.Even after the club share reform, has been injured huang Bowen is difficult to get guangzhou team contract.And Li Xuepeng has not been the captain of the national football team, if Zheng Zhi announced retirement no one will sigh, so the retired probability is Huang Bowen.Fitness was a problem when he was young and at 34 he may never be physically ready to play again.With eight Asian Champions League titles and the captaincy of China’s national team, Huang’s career also has few regrets.The second stage of the super he did not go on the scene, playing the role of zheng Zhi side strategist, the future is looking forward to his stay in Zheng Zhi’s side, continue to shine.These days or more uncomfortable, has been in the farewell, when the invincible Asian team, really vanished into thin air.The new season, farewell to the achievements, Guangzhou team will usher in a new strength, from Xu jiayin’s proudest product — Evergrande Football School.