Binyang County party and government leaders, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection optimization business environment “Through Train” special class office was established

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For timely resolution of enterprise development, project problems and difficulties encountered in the ground, to optimize the business environment, on January 30, 2022 of the communist party of China nanning city committee office of nanning publicly to the society, the county (city, area), development zone main party and government leadership and discipline inspection commission secretary (disciplinary watchdog group leader) phone number, an optimized doing business service enterprise “through train”,Enterprises in the city can call at any time to report problems in the business environment.February 7, 2022, main binyang county party and government leadership, secretary for optimizing business environment service enterprise “through train” special work team office listed on the foreign office, the office is located in the county bureau of administrative examination and approval, specifically members of the working class from the county party committee office, the county government, county commission for discipline inspection committee, the county, the county government office for examination and assessment of supervision office, county bureau, bureau of administrative examination and approval of creating.The office is mainly responsible for the whole process of accepting, transferring, urging, supervising, feedback, return visit, evaluation and so on of the main leaders of the party and government of the county and the secretary of the commission for discipline inspection.Enterprises in the county can call to reflect the problems existing in the business environment at any time, and our county leaders at all levels will do their best to solve problems for enterprises.The telephone number of the party and government leaders and the secretary of the discipline inspection Commission of Nanning city and County