Consecutive 5 months to break ten thousand!Han sold 12,780 units in January

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In the first month of the New Year, witnessed by 12,780 new users, the sales volume of Han model broke ten thousand again!Next, I would like to share with you the report card of BYDY-Han in January 2022: · Han model sales reached 12,780 units, breaking ten thousand units for five consecutive months, continuing to lead the middle and large sedan market of Chinese brands.· The sales volume of Han EV was 10,050 units, exceeding 10,000 units in three consecutive months, ranking TOP 1 in pure electric medium and large sedans.· The sales volume of DM in Han was 2,730, maintaining the trend of continuous hot sales.· The cumulative sales volume since its launch has exceeded 170,000 units, ranking firmly in the “10,000 cars Club” of medium and large sedans.The latest sales figures showed that BYD had a strong start to January, with sales breaking 10,000 again to 12,780 units.Among them, the sales volume of Han EV and HAN DM in January was 10,050 units and 2,730 units, respectively.As of January 2022, the cumulative sales volume of BYD Han models has exceeded 170,000 units, with monthly sales exceeding 10,000 units for five consecutive months, ranking firmly in the “10,000 car club” of medium and large sedans, and occupying the TOP 1 in the medium and large new-energy sedans market and the TOP 1 in the sales volume of medium and large sedans of Chinese brands for a long time.As the only Chinese brand host manufacturer that covers the whole industry chain of vehicle + TRI-electric +IGBT chips and has developed more than 90% of its own products, BYD’s strength in new energy technology is obvious to all.Han, as a high-end flagship car integrating BYD’s technology, has world-class product strength in “safety, performance, luxury” and other aspects, which has become the basis of Han’s success.And the real reason why Han always keeps its exuberant vitality and continues to sell well lies in the continuous evolution of Han.Through constant innovation and change, Han can update and iterate in the whole life cycle according to user needs, giving new value to the model.Adhering to the concept of continuous evolution, han family’s new models in 2022 — Han DM-I and new Han EV have also been officially unveiled in the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.The DM-I/new HAN EV will be more powerful in power and offer more range options to cover more vehicle scenarios.In terms of design, THE design language of BYD’s family Dragon Face has been upgraded again, making the two models more youthful and sporty by optimizing the appearance and interior.The addition of HAN DM-I/new Han EV will further expand the product matrix of Han, and comprehensively advance the three benchmarks of “safety, performance and luxury”, so that users can have a better car experience.In the future, BYD han will continue to innovate and explore a new realm.Disclaimer: 1. If part of the text and pictures come from the Internet.2, due to the editing needs, there is no necessary connection between the text and the picture, only for readers’ reference.3, some paragraphs, images, audio, video data such as file copyright belongs to the copyright owners, because can’t contact and copyright, such as the author or editor that work should not be access to the Internet for everyone to browse, or should not be used free of charge, please inform us in time, in order to quickly take appropriate measures to avoid unnecessary economic losses to both sides.4. If this website unintentionally infringes the intellectual property rights of media or individuals, please inform us and we will delete it immediately.Buy BYD raise BYD will choose Yuedi BYD car in western Guangdong star service flagship store!Byd auto core distribution business in shenzhen, guangdong di | maoming guangdong yue di di | fujian sales hotline: 400-140-4470 maoming guangdong di byd 4 s store address: maoming MAO baofeng into cars, 28 south road west plaza a layer (maoming guangdong di)