Daowai District people’s Government and Zhongchuang Joint Control signed a rooftop distributed photovoltaic project of the whole district

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On the morning of January 26, 2022, the signing ceremony of “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on Whole District Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Project” between The People’s Government of Daowai District and China Innovation Joint Control was held in the conference room of the People’s Government of Daowai District.Li Hanlong, deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and District Head, Wang Yanru, standing Member of the District Party Committee and deputy District Head, Zhao Yinong, executive Director of China Innovation Joint Control Decision-making Committee, and Wang Haoyu, executive President attended the signing ceremony.District hair change bureau head Sun Lei presided over the signing ceremony.At the signing ceremony, Li Hanlong, head of Daowai District, and Wang Haoyu, member of the Decision-making Committee and CEO of Zhongchuang Joint Control, delivered speeches on behalf of both sides.In his speech, Wang Haoyu said that in the current situation of the epidemic, both sides still managed to sign the contract despite difficulties, which shows the strong support and high attention of the district Committee and the district government to the project. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and responsible comrades of relevant units who attended the signing ceremony of the project on behalf of China Innovation Joint Control.This project is an important measure for both parties to implement the two strategies of “carbon peak, carbon neutrality” and “rural revitalization”. It is of great significance to promote the energy transformation and upgrading of The Region, increase the proportion of low-carbon clean energy consumption, guarantee the power supply, reduce the electricity cost of party and government organs and industrial and commercial enterprises, and increase the stable income of farmers.The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement marks that Zhongchuang Joint control company will formally settle in daowai district.Our company will give full play to the advantages of central enterprises, and plan to invest 800 million yuan in the off-road area to achieve a total installed capacity of about 200MW and support the green and low-carbon development of the off-road area.At the same time, Zhongchuang Joint Control will quickly start the establishment of relevant subsidiaries, market survey, roof negotiation and other work in the New Year.At the same time, with the supervision and guidance of relevant departments, careful management, careful construction, must be high standards, strict requirements to complete the hand in hand project.Li Hanlong pointed out in her speech that on the occasion of the 2022 Spring Festival approaching, we solemnly held the signing ceremony of the first key industrial project in Daowai District, which is a major event in the economic and social development of Daowai District, but also to implement the requirements of the central and provincial economic work conference, adhere to the word stability first, and seek progress in stability.Daowai district in 2022, will be in strict accordance with the overall deployment area 13 times party, based on the new stage of development, carry out the new development concept and integrated into the new development pattern, polished two water around the mountain ecological background, promoting the yield of more than three zones garden city, unswervingly implement archives construction industry platform, unswervingly implement crucial action characteristic industrial cluster, unswervingly our political qualityA new type of clean and efficient government featuring enterprise first, solid work and responsibility.In 2022, Daowai District will firmly establish the concept of “project is king”;Create spreading project signing after landing, we will actively respond to enterprises “distress sorrow to” problem, cogent accomplish enterprise has cried, I should be, better use of the mind, attitude and state services, allows businesses to get a sense daowai district promote strength, temperature and the intensity of the project, government departments “bear index” to promote economic work “development index”, the government cadres”Labor index in exchange for business development happiness index.Finally, I wish the photovoltaic power project an early landing and production.Wang Haoyu, member of the Decision-making Committee and EXECUTIVE President of CSCC, and Li Hanlong, head of Daowai District signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.According to the agreement, the two sides will focus on the implementation of the major strategy of “3060 Carbon peak, carbon neutrality” and rural revitalization, and jointly use idle roof resources of party and government organs, hospitals, schools, industry and commerce, farmers and other idle roof resources in the whole district to invest 200MW rooftop distributed PHOTOVOLTAIC power station, with a total investment of about 800 million YUAN.The project will be fully invested by Zhongchuang Joint Control, and the regional government will coordinate and cooperate to create convenient conditions for the project construction.Yang Chunxing, director of enterprise Investment Bureau, Wang Bo, Director of Industry and Information Bureau, Yu Jizhou, Director of Education Bureau, Qi Yi, Director of Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Zhao Qingyuan, Deputy Director of Regional Cooperation Bureau, Liu Yang, Secretary of Party Committee of Tuanjie Town, Sun Weida, Secretary of Party Committee of Minmin Town, Cui Yongbo, Secretary of Party Committee of Yongyuan Town, Han Hongliang, Secretary of Party Committee of Juyuan Town;Shen Guangtao, Regional Development Director of Zhongchuang Joint Control, Ni Fudong, director of Comprehensive Management Office of Zhongchuang Joint Control, Ding Shujun, General Manager of Zhongchuang Joint Control Energy Development Co., LTD., and Hou Jiabin, business manager also attended the ceremony.Both sides take pictures to commemorate!The two sides talk after the meeting!(Correspondent: Zhang Fang)