Of all the known pokemon food chains, the red Dragon is the only one who knows the lower half of the gopher?

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Good friends ah, this has been recognized by the small 2 and to introduce the treasure to dream up the food chain relationship, in many of the food chain relationship, there are some treasure can dream diets is can’t find the corresponding prototype in reality, such as we have said before the great sit idle and the relationship of food chain between small meteorites (after all with fierce sit idle as the prototype of dragon in reality does not exist).However, in these food chain relationships with no realistic archetypes, the red dragon with the dragon as the archetype may be the only one who knows what the lower body of the three ground squirrels looks like.PS: No rank;This article may not be too serious, if there are mistakes, please correct.NO. 1 black eyed alligator > jaws ant black eyed alligator in the real prototype of crocodiles, and large jaws ant prototype based on the ant lion, because the living environment is different, the relationship between crocodiles and doodlebug in reality is not large, but in the treasure can the dream world, because a black eyed alligator is not live in the water but life in the desert, so has been contact and jaws ants, and feed on large jaws ant,”Jaws can break rocks, but they are very heavy. If you roll over, you can’t get up, and black-eyed crocodiles will take advantage of this opportunity to attack.”In terms of size alone, the red tumbler is obviously not as tall as the Snowflake. Why do they eat the snowflake?Will actually, red “daruma” is not really eating snow dai li blame themselves, dai li blame the setting of the snow, it can bearing fruits taste similar to ice stick, and living in ng le in the red “daruma”, especially love to this kind of fruit, dai li’s eight generation of map, to blame the snow mentioned “snow dai li strange stomach out of taste like a Popsicle on fruit tree is ng, the red” daruma “favorite”.Realistic hermit crabs are found on beaches and in nearby ecosystems, often using dead shellfish as a protective shell. Like the black-eyed crocodile, stone crabs based on hermit crabs do not live in water in the World of Pokemon.Instead, the prey became stone balls and charcoal babies related to rocks. The stone dwelling crab’s manual notes that it “will make holes in the rocks it likes as its shelter.It is a natural enemy for Shibuzi and small charcoal.NO. 4 cover > insect mouth worm see here it is estimated that there are a lot of little friends will have doubts, because cap and small mouth formed special worm evolved, only when the two at the time of connect exchange, will only because exchanged small mouth worm shell and evolution, both morally should be symbiotic relationship, but in fact, cover worm does capture small mouth worm,In the fifth generation of the book, it is directly explained that gecko is a Pokemon that shoots acid out of its mouth to repel enemies when it feels danger and targets the small cochlea.NO. 5 ChiMian dragon > why shrews, three mouse said rat could only ChiMian dragon know, Hong Kong and the appearance of a lower body, because the relationship of food chain, known only ChiMian dragon is to mice and rat feed, ChiMian dragon set on living in the cave, the cave of the niche must be higher than three rat category, so feed on three mice a normal,In the instructions for the seventh generation of the Red Face dragon, it is mentioned that it “will invade tunnels dug by gophers or tri Gophers.Silently waiting for prey to pass by.Ok, those are the five known relationships of the food chain that xiao Er. we will continue the rest in the next chapter.