Winter Olympic champion Gu Ailing shares her secret: Sleep 10 hours a day first

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At the age of 18, Gu Ailing won the gold medal in women’s freestyle skiing platform!History was made with 1620 ultra difficult moves.She is not only a skier genius, but also completed the two-year course of ordinary high school students in one year and entered Stanford University. She loves soccer, basketball, cross-country sports and is the darling of fashion industry.And when the reporter asked Gu Ailing, what is the secret of success?Her answer was…Get ten hours of sleep a day!This could be my first step towards becoming an Olympic champion.Photo source: Xinhua.Gu shared her secret: Getting 10 hours of sleep a day.”From the age of 8 to 14, I skied only on weekends. And my secret weapon for being able to do better than older, more professional athletes was sleeping 10 hours a day, literally 10 hours a day.”She even calls her mother the “sleep police” because of her emphasis on getting a good night’s sleep.Gu’s mother also said in the interview, “My education for Gu is: first, sleep more; second, study more; third, play more.”Well, if we slept ten hours a night…What happens?For the average person, more consistent recommended sleep time adults 7~9 hours, of course, there are special cases, as long as your physical and mental condition is good, even if the lack of sleep time, it will not be defined as insomnia, if the quality of sleep is not good, the spirit of the day, even if sleep for a long time, is futile.As we all know, insomnia in modern society is not only plagued by the elderly, modern middle-aged, young people are particularly easy to insomnia, different groups of insomnia reasons are also different.Insomnia in the elderly may be because of old age, the corresponding nerve will also occur weakness and other problems resulting in poor sleep quality, young and middle-aged people basically need to support their families, and the pressure of work and life is very large, which will also lead to insomnia;In fact, insomnia is also a big factor is the lack of some nutrition, a brief introduction of the body lack of the following nutrients, sleep at night easy to insomnia.01, lack of trace elements trace elements are indispensable elements for human body, and lack of calcium, zinc two trace elements will seriously affect the human sleep;Children lack of calcium and zinc may cause slow growth, low growth, reduced immunity and other problems;Adult calcium and zinc deficiency will appear osteoporosis or hyperplasia, poor appetite, reduced immunity, sleep at night leg cramps, sweating and other problems;The elderly lack of calcium and zinc is easy to osteoporosis, bleeding gums and other problems, lack of calcium and zinc will affect the transmission of neurotransmitters, so that the nerve has been excited will make people insomnia;Supplement calcium and zinc In addition to directly purchase calcium supplement zinc health care products, in daily life, you can also eat some foods with high calcium and zinc content, such as milk, bone soup, soy products, etc.02, a lack of vitamin B vitamin B is a large family, is indispensable to ensure human health nutrition elements, a lack of vitamin B can reduce cell metabolism and cause the metabolism of human body so as to make people poor appetite, physical discomfort, causing problems such as depression, will seriously affect the sleep at night, so in daily life can drink more milk,Eat more green vegetables, liver and other foods.03, staple food nutrition is not balanced generally after eating a rich meal, will feel sleepy, mainly because the human body after the stomach began to digest and absorb the body needs nutrients, at this time the body function in operation, mainly stomach and intestine in operation, at this time the blood of the human body will focus on these two parts,The increase in blood supply will lead to a decrease in blood flow to other parts of the brain, especially the lack of blood supply, so it is easy to feel sleepy, so pay attention to the balance of nutrition when eating, eat more foods that slow digestion, such as beans, cereals, etc.04, the lack of tryptophan tryptophan is the most important amino acids of brain produce serotonin, and serotonin in the body can convert melatonin, studies have shown that melatonin is calm and promote the role of sleep, so if the body lack of tryptophan can affect serotonin transformation further conversion effect of melatonin, which seriously affects people’s sleep;Bananas, milk, millet and other foods contain rich tryptophan, it is suggested that we can eat some more.05, lack of insulin when it comes to insufficient insulin, the first reaction is to cause diabetes, but in fact, when the human body secretes insulin, it will promote the synthesis of serotonin, and serotonin in the human body belongs to the tranquilizing hypnotic neurotransmitter;When we eat sweet food, we also release dopamine, which can convey excitement and happiness. This is why it is often said that eating sweet food makes people happy. Keeping a good mood can also help you sleep.Usually can eat more whole wheat bread, lotus seeds, potato food.In the modern society, insomnia is a common problem, so at the time of insomnia, not recommended for the first time, eat sleeping pills, such as thinking, to adjust their work and rest, diet, exercise more, you will not only get some exercise, also can promote sleep, after all, a good eating habits, routine physical health is the basic,In this fast-paced, stressful society, having a healthy body is the foundation of struggle.As the champion said, the benefits of a good sleep, really very big, if your sleep quality is not good, and can not be alleviated by yourself, then you are likely to have suffered from insomnia, it is recommended to go to a professional hospital in time for treatment!