Leng Nuan who knows a real estate vice president for 20 years

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Wu Dawei is the vice president of a Fortune 500 real estate company. He graduated from Renmin University and later from Tsinghua University, where he received his doctorate.Wu Dawei is born in the mid-1970s, he caught up with the most brilliant 20 years of the real estate industry, has been in the real estate industry since graduating from the university, through their own extraordinary ability and scheming step by step to climb, no background at all.He was born in a small town with ten line intellectual family, the parents are elementary school teachers, three siblings in the home, he was the youngest one, while the minimum also didn’t get too much love, after all parents paid, children in the home, the burden is heavier, the best things in the home at the time, is other people from the south to the banana canned, is a rarity,Eat a piece during the Spring Festival, and the whole family will have a burst of happiness.Wu dawei from excellent academic performance, ranking are generally in the whole grade three, therefore is a matter of pride for parents, the parents will never let him participate in any housework as well as physical labor, hoping that he get ahead, get into a good university, for the whole family, his elder sister for puppy love, accidentally pregnant, will have to early marriage, his brother, also because of not intentional learning,Went to work early and did odd jobs in a factory.In 94 college entrance examination smoothly, wu dawei to the city’s first achievement was admitted to the people’s university, majored in economic management, he also arrived in Beijing for the first time for such a big city, the in the mind very excited, saw the roommate results are excellent students from all over the country, know oneself still need to continue to work hard, can have a better job prospects, and not to fall in love during the university,He was admitted to the university as a postgraduate student. After graduation, in 2000, he was recruited by a large state-owned enterprise in Shanghai. Within one year of his entry, he was promoted to manager and assigned a small house in Lujiazui, with a building area of more than 40 square meters.After all, he had his first house in a big city like Shanghai, and the joy in his heart was indescribable. He immediately informed his parents, who came from their hometown in Gansu province on a hard train without saying a word. He excitedly invited his parents to see the Oriental Pearl Pearl and invited them to eat pizza and steak.The purpose of his parents this time is that he has retired, and they hope to live with him. After all, his elder brothers and sisters have been laid off. As such a big leader in a State-owned enterprise in Shanghai, he must arrange jobs for his elder brothers and sisters.He listened to make a difficult, parents come to their own no problem, more than 40 flat one room and one hall, a family of three also live under, but brother and sister do not have a degree and ability, he where to arrange work?His mother a listen to, then rolled all over the ground, said he was a traitor, for rich not benevolence, his mother’s roar disturbed the neighbors, neighbors are a unit of colleagues, he was very face, can reluctantly agree to come down.After many efforts, he found a job as a handyman for his brother in a subordinate enterprise of his own unit, but his mother was still not satisfied, saying that you are a manager of such a big enterprise, can’t your brother also be a manager?Isn’t that what you said?In addition, your sister said, are divorced, you don’t introduce your sister to get married manager of your unit?These things you must do, otherwise I will go to your unit to find your leadership, let them know your unfilial piety shunhe is rich not benevolence.Wu dawei a listen to, the in the mind is very afraid, afraid of his own mother no bottom line, also is very not easy to through their own struggle with such a chance today, he want to along while still hold the mother first, to these requirements, after all, my parents and brother elder sister is their favorite people, at some cost to them, it’s worthwhile.A few months wu dawei’s sister and brother are all squeezed together in more than 40 flat house, elder sister temporarily to do cooking and do household chores, my brother read a community college, tuition is wu dawei, family living and brother defected because their families, their small living space, under pressure from family, wu dawei in love didn’t also the way.When a few years in the past, wu dawei on the verge of 30, classmates friends have been married, my brother community college after graduation for grandpa grandma was arranged as a teacher in a primary school, my sister married a Shanghai man is odd jobs, but there is housing, housing is together with my parents, although is not big, there is also a.My sister also worked as a handyman in a paper mill, doing odd jobs such as sending and receiving.Parents began to urge marriage, ask wu dawei must not find a family good Shanghai only daughter, so that they the old couple out and brother will be homeless, so mother stands for a high school in Shanghai have not graduated from home company of woman, the woman is selling clothes in a small field, wu dawei didn’t agree to the marriage, the two little words to say,There is no love not love, as long as the parents are satisfied with the line, the parents satisfied woman, will not make trouble and live in harmony.But things go contrary to one’s wishes, the woman from home asks to marry must have independent marriage house, but also one hundred thousand bride price, one cent cannot little, 2006 one hundred thousand bride price is a not small number.In order to let parents satisfaction, and to myself as soon as possible out of the control of family, their real independence, wu dawei to his college classmate works in a bank ShangHaiJi classmate LeiMingMing borrowed 300000, near century avenue to pay a down payment of 300000, bought a house 60 square meters or so, simple decoration and the rest of the thousand to mother-in-law account made a dowry.Just got the certificate before long, the mother-in-law changed her mind, saying that she needed three gold and diamond ring, but also to arrange work for her daughter, selling clothes in the mall is not a long-term measure, so his wife resigned at home, has been waiting for him to find a job.Just married, or a little happiness, after all, out of the control and threat of parents, home to have a ready meal to eat, hot rice hot tea hot water, has opened the mouth, rice to hand.Marriage is certainly want to breed, the man also can’t avoid will have impulse, but the wife refuse to knew not to find a job, every time a month or two while married, two people didn’t really have substantial progress, wu dawei dinner party drink many back once fell asleep lying on a sofa, the second day morning had a high fever has a cold, cough,His wife didn’t ask a question, watching TV and eating melon seeds as if she was the only one in the room.Wu dawei heart is very uncomfortable, go to work early in the morning, but more cough more serious, lunch break at the door of the unit to buy a little cold medicine, at night back to find the sink is not washed POTS and pans and a melon seed skin.In the bedroom came the wife watching TV laughing, Wu dawei in the heart of a fire up, rushed to forced roommate, was pushed away by his wife, took a pair of scissors said to cut Off Wu Dawei’s penis.Mumbling in the mouth, you have no money again, cheated me, you want to lose money, otherwise I and my mother go to your unit trouble, you so big state-owned enterprise leadership, throw up a person?Why don’t you hook me up with a job?Wu Dawei is a man, after all, he has been fed up with threats for so many years, heard to the unit make a few words, the heart is very disgusted and panic, so he went to cover his wife’s mouth, let her not shout, the wife picked up the scissors, to him, fortunately he dodged in time, just cut the skin surface.The wife calls mother-in-law on the spot, mother-in-law’s meaning is he did not find a job for you for so long, still cover your mouth, this has constituted domestic violence, you limit him to find satisfactory job for you within three months, otherwise divorce, good man much is, he did not have money do not have authority, who wants to follow him.He also beside vaguely heard the call, the content of the living room in a fit of pique to parents’ home, also is the unit of 40 flat lujiazui in the house, and stayed there for about a week, he also pacified, returned to his own home to see his wife, and opened the door, and found that home furniture appliances have been moved out, the wife also disappeared, underground near the garbage of scattered,All that was left was a crumpled divorce agreement, which promised to go to the civil Affairs Bureau in a week.