Reduce noise and eliminate dust Jinan metro Quancheng Park station is building super awning

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Through the construction of super awning, the subway station construction site is all covered inside, jinan is an important measure to strengthen environmental protection construction, but also a pioneering work to beautify the surrounding environment.The new construction exploration of Jinan Quancheng Park Station will provide new ideas for the next step of subway construction.”What we are building is a super canopy, about 212 meters long, 40 meters wide and 20 meters high.The canopy foundation is currently under construction and will be in use around June.Can after the completion of the construction area of jinan quancheng park subway station closed, the workers in the construction, will not bring any dust pollution to the outside world, also can effectively reduce the noise, its outer veneer will be full of beautification, and springs park beautiful environment be in harmony are an organic whole, is a good addition to the surrounding urban environment.”In the middle of March, in the qucheng Park subway construction area, China Railway 14 Bureau Jinan rail transit line 4 line 6 area project manager Yu Fuming pointed to the hot construction scene, proudly told jinan daily reporters.Super canopy rendering of Jinan Subway Quancheng Park Station.According to the introduction, the traditional subway construction involves a lot of earthwork, concrete work and steel welding work.Especially in the construction of subway stations, workers are digging in the subway foundation pit construction, management is very extensive, environmental protection measures are relatively weak.In the construction process, a large number of earthwork excavation, mechanical operation, lifting operation, construction site will produce a lot of dust, smoke and noise.However, the construction period of subway stations generally takes one to two years. Dust, smoke and noise are easy to form a large area of pollution in the operation area and surrounding areas, affecting the air quality and environment in local areas, and also bringing serious influence to the normal life of surrounding people.Although workers will temporarily use boards for simple enclosure at the construction site of subway foundation pit, the visual effect is very poor, which is not in harmony with the surrounding environment, and to a large extent, it will also damage the effect of street elevation and the overall image of the city.Since the project started, Jinan Rail Transit Group, in line with the principle of doing things for the people and according to the actual situation of Quancheng Park Station, decided to build a super awning to seal up the subway station foundation pit and other construction areas, and turn the subway station site into a construction workshop isolated from the outside world.Workers in the shed to complete all the construction, and the use of a variety of environmental protection technology, the construction of dust, smoke for a full range of governance, to ensure that the treatment of gas put outside the shed in line with the national environmental standards, not a negative impact on the surrounding environment.At the same time, all kinds of special materials are used inside the awning, which can effectively absorb and reduce noise.”We will use different dust removal techniques according to the dust composition of different processes.In the excavation process, the main dust produced on site is caused by the movement of mechanical equipment;In the construction of the structure, the main production is the concrete spray anchor formed by cement fog;In the welding process, the main harmful smoke gas is produced;Decorate a stage in adornment, what produce basically is dust.According to the characteristics of the pollutants in each process, we set up the dust removal system and flushing system in stages, so that all kinds of dust are eliminated in the shed, do not let them go outside to pollute the good environment of Quancheng Park.Jinan railway traffic group construction company site manager LiuFangTao says, “inside the top of the tent set up artificial fog spray system, based on the physical softening treatment of water, the water is sprayed into the air after atomization, put them in the suspended particles and dust covered by the fog particles formed by the artificial fog system, due to increased weight falling slowly, unable to raise.The automatic induction car washing platform is set at the entrance of the canopy, and the multi-directional high-pressure water gun is used to comprehensively wash the outside of the vehicles to ensure that the vehicles on the road are clean.”Construction site of Jinan Metro Quancheng Park Station.The standard section of the main body of Quancheng Park station is 181.6 meters ×21.1 meters, and the span of the end well is 25.6 meters. The total excavation area is more than 4800 square meters. The super canopy under construction is nearly twice as large, which can seal the construction area completely and leave the area for processing materials.The height of the shed is nearly 20 meters, which is also considered for the installation of mechanical construction equipment in the future. There is sufficient space for both the erection of gantry cranes to transport construction materials and large transport vehicles for excavation, and the construction of concrete pouring.After the installation of the main structure of the super canopy, the builder will also decorate the exterior surface according to the surrounding environment characteristics, integrating with the surrounding buildings and parks to beautify and improve the urban environment.In fact, as early as last year, Jinan rail transit Line 4 has carried out a similar attempt at the northwest corner of the intersection of Ten road and West Olympic Road, and built the first fully closed green dustproof canopy in Jinan subway, which includes lifting equipment, sprinkler system and lighting facilities.The exterior finishes are also carefully decorated to look like a luxury shopping mall, with no sense of disharmony with the surrounding business environment.Jinan Daily reporter went to visit to see, the facade of the canopy design is very beautiful, and the surrounding high-rise landscape integrated, from the outside can not see that this is used for subway construction workshop.Jinan daily reporter learned on the spot that although the super canopy of Quancheng Park station needs to invest a certain amount of money, it is not a one-time investment.After the subway station is completed, the construction workers can also disassemble the super canopy and transport it to other sites for assembly and recycling.With the super awning, workers can “cover” dust and noise after treatment and discharge, “behind closed doors” construction, with little impact on the surrounding environment.At the same time, when there is heavy rain, snow and other inclement weather, workers will not be affected to work inside.According to their construction experience in the field, in the cold winter, the temperature inside the fully enclosed awning can be seven or eight degrees Celsius higher than outside, creating a better construction environment for the workers.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: