Special operation certificate

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Special operation operation certificate refers to the work permit for the staff to engage in special operation.Special operations, special types of operations, refer to operations that are prone to accidents and cause significant harm to the safety of operators, others or facilities and equipment. We can also generally call them high-risk operations.The scope of special operations is formulated by the state and can be queried in the special operations directory.Part of special operation project first, special operation operation certificate issued by the department is the state safety production supervision and Administration, unified style (IC card style), standards and symbols, the national general.Special operation certificate is the entry threshold, professional qualification, so want to engage in special operations staff, must pass professional training and assessment, qualified to obtain the certificate.The certificate can be used nationwide, cross-provincial and cross-regional operation, must accept the safety supervision of the workplace.Now IC card arrives the brush card implement that supervises bureau, can read card, year careful, very convenient.The catalogue of special work is as follows: 1. Electrical work, 2. Welding and hot cutting, 3.Refrigeration and air conditioning operation, 5. Safety operation in coal mines, 6. Safety operation in metal and non-metal mines, 7.Oil and gas safety operation, 8. Metallurgical (non-ferrous) production safety operation, 9. Hazardous chemicals safety operation, 10.Work safely with fireworks.Special Operation certificate Second, special operation certificate is not valid for life.The period of validity is 6 years, every 3 years review, full 6 years need to be re-examined replacement, replacement is generally to the original certification authority for.A special operation personnel who has engaged in a special operation continuously for more than 10 years within the period of validity of their special operation license shall go to the original examination and license issuing authority or the examination and license issuing authority in the place where they work for re-examination, and the time for re-examination may be extended to once every six years.The principle of review is that the new certificate shall be reviewed once every three years and become invalid after expiration.Special operation operation card 3, special operation personnel must be healthy, before attending training must go to the local county level above hospital for physical examination, qualified just can attend the corresponding safety theory and operation training.When signing up for training, hand in three color inch photos (white background or blue background), one copy of id card, one copy of graduation certificate or one copy of student, fill in the training application form, which will be examined and sealed by each unit.General registration – training – assessment – certification, the whole process is completed, about a month.Type of operation work sees number of sign up much not much, have an exam every month commonly, electrician exam is the most.General theory is 50 yuan examination fee, actual operation examination fee is slightly different, can refer to the charge standard of partial provinces and cities, the whole country is slightly different, roughly about the same.Special operations actual operation examination fee (article pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, contact delete, thank you)(full text original, code word is not easy, please pay more attention, a lot of praise, thank you)