China takes revenge on Japan in women’s semifinals: Japan beat Thailand 7-0 to advance to the semifinals!

2022-04-30 0 By

China will now play Japan in the semifinals of the Asian Cup after beating Vietnam 7-0 in the quarterfinals.Four years ago, In the Asian Women’s Football Cup, China women’s Football team performed well in the group stage, scoring 15 goals in 3 games and losing only 1 goal, and advanced to the semifinal against Japan. China women’s Football Team lost 3-1 to their opponents, and did not qualify for the final.After 4 years, Chinese women’s soccer team aims for revenge!The Japanese women’s football team did not show a strong dominance in the group stage, with no big wins against Vietnam and Myanmar, and even a 1-1 draw against South Korea. In the quarter, the Japanese women’s football team was on fire to win 7-0.Do well in the Asian cup, the Chinese women’s football in the group of 2 wins, scoring 11 goals, king Fried combination has scored eight goals, the Chinese women’s team on the offensive end, the only lack is in line, the squad is only two centre-half, Li Jiayue dyed yellow against Iranian women’s football, the game needs to pay attention to your defensive actions,If this match is stained yellow, you will be suspended in the semi-final!Look forward to tonight, The Chinese women’s football team can beat the Vietnamese women’s football team, in the semifinal revenge against Japan!Come on, Chinese women’s football!