34 | 15 years in office, he has become a know-it-all

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Suggestions on the development of cultural and creative industry clusters, strengthening the full life cycle services of small, medium and micro enterprises, solving the problem of road congestion…This year is fu Tianli’s 15th year as a deputy to the municipal people’s Congress. Over the years, he has put forward more than 30 proposals and more than 120 suggestions, covering all aspects of social and economic development. He laughs that he is “a know-all”.From the overall situation of the economy to people’s livelihood, from enterprise development to personal growth, from the old to the young to teach, behind the title of “all things”, fu Tianli for more than ten years to adhere to the heart of every problem to get to the bottom.”As a deputy to the PEOPLE’s Congress, every suggestion should have its source and basis. We should always remember that we are a bridge of communication between the people and the Party Committee and the government. We should broaden our vision and see more problems that need to be solved in social development.”Fu Tianli said.Reporters at the scene to see, Fu Tianli on behalf of the group meeting often use the computer to record other representatives of the wonderful speech, this receive the “two sessions” highlights of the folder as well as its chengdu 17th session of the people’s Congress since all the voice:There are 7 recommendations in 2 bills in 2018, 11 in 2 bills in 2019, 11 in 2 bills in 2020, 6 in 2 bills in 2021, and 8 in 3 bills in 2022…”Looking back on the hundreds of suggestions I have written over the years, we can actually see that urban development and governance methods and citizens’ living standards are constantly improving.”Fu Tianli talked about his suggestion to the Party committee as a deputy of the National People’s Congress, suggesting that the traffic jam on the southern section of Jiannan Avenue – the middle section of Jiannan Avenue – Tianfu Third Street should be solved as soon as possible.Now, jiannan Road congestion control results, the morning rush hour ended 40 minutes earlier.This year, fu Tianli brought what advice?”To embark on a new journey, Chengdu can focus on high-quality and efficient circular chain construction, and establish a long-term mechanism to maintain the effectiveness of the renovation of old residential areas.”Fu Tianli said, light suggestions can not, but also have to continue to pay attention to the implementation of various departments, “to do good, rather than good affairs.”Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Li Feifei editor Wang Ling proofread Tian Li