A street around the city of Changjiang Li Autonomous County

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Coming out of the East, things start to change: first, the weather changes from sunny to cloudy;Secondly, the long-distance bus did not go after it came out of the passenger station. It took more than 40 minutes to see the full capacity reached 98% before it officially started on the road.Such an unreliable passenger bus was encountered in Zhumadian’s Xiping county 19 years ago, when the driver made several stops and loops around the county seat before leaving the city two hours later.The car arrived in Changjiang, dark clouds, drizzle.The temperature dropped seven degrees and there were force six winds.The north and south long and narrow county seat of Changjiang Li Autonomous County is almost “one avenue around the whole city”.The lofty county government buildings are located in the northern new area, so all construction priorities are moving north.All kinds of “master handwriting” production, around the government buildings have been born.Long distance passenger station in the southern old town, stone town is the most prosperous section.Changjiang chengguan left room for the lower classes, allowing them to operate on a shoestring in areas with high passenger traffic.The city bus of Changjiang county is not a decoration, but really full of citizens, shuttling in Changjiang Avenue and Renmin Road every 8-12 minutes.Almost with “Carrefour” the same name of the Fuloduo supermarket, DO not know when patriotic consumers repeatedly called for a boycott of France, have been implicated, suffer?