Rhapsody of human nature

2022-05-02 0 By

Some people say :” People who love each other are often noisy, but it is irrelevant people can tolerate each other.”Long is suffering, short is life.”God designed the short-term infatuation and long-term incompatibility of men and women called “humanity” to reproduce on earth, so that men’s nature is transmitted like pollen to the wind, and women have to stay at home and have children.~ God did not think of the human invention of contraception broke through the feudal patriarchal, appeared to lie flat…The earth is a jumble of different kinds of consciousness.The “meta-universe” will simultaneously “satisfy” rulers, capitalists, enlightened ones, “players” and civilians in their proper places, rapidly balancing.Once humanity enters the chaotic state of collective coexistence, the next step should be the “big bang”!