Zhang Yimou’s far-sighted plan

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Xu Zidong asked Yu Hua: How much money did you make for Zhang Yimou’s film To Live?Yu Huaduo can talk, he said: I live by “to Live”.”To Live” could not be screened in China, many Chinese films in those days live on overseas screening, jia ke long experience probably the most.Mr. Yu made his fortune mainly from royalties from the book, but he was grateful to Mr. Zhang.Zhang Yimou initially prepared to give Yu Hua 25,000 yuan to buy the film and television adaptation rights of “To Live”, Yu Hua was overjoyed. At that time, he had just left the Haiyan Cultural center “to work in the right place” to settle down in Beijing and was short of money.When he heard that Su Tong’s Concubines was sold to Zhang Yimou’s Red Lantern for 4,000 yuan, Yu hua felt he had made a fortune.Later, a deputy director of Zhang Yimou comes to talk about expenses with Yu Hua, Yu Hua is very angry at the beginning, feel that the other party wants to go back on his word, and then the person in the phone says with him: “‘ What art seek means is to raise the price by one time, 50 thousand yuan do you see line?”Later, when people criticized Zhang yimou for making such a mess of To Live, Yu Hua always said: I think Zhang Yimou is the best director in China.You can’t blame Zhang yimou for giving “To Live” a run for its money in China.Zhang Yimou still one place introduce with Yu Hua, why change so why change in that way, so can pass examination.Yu Hua secretly surprised, he how so understand ah?Cow force!But they didn’t show it.For a long time, To Live was considered Zhang yimou’s best film, and the offer of extra money to Yu Hua reflected Zhang Yimou’s ability to behave himself.It’s not easy for Zhang Yimou to pull it off. He’s a typical diaosi counterattack, a late bloomer, who was already 72 years old when everyone marveled at the spectacle of the Opening ceremony.In 1978, when the college entrance examination was resumed, Zhang Yimou, who had been making sock patterns in xianyang No. 8 Cotton Textile Factory, was already 28 years old. The upper age limit for admission to the Beijing Film Academy was 22 years old.It was a time of miracles. Song Yunhui in “A Great River” opened the door to college for himself with his stubbornness and his sister’s sacrifice, and Zhang Yimou’s story is even more wonderful.After all, he was an artistic youth who sold his blood to buy his own camera, and his desire to pursue art and change his destiny was stronger than anyone else.Zhang Yimou took his own work to Beijing first, although the school also thought he was good, but that time pass who would challenge the rules for irrelevant people.Zhang Yimou returned to Shaanxi, looking for all possible contacts, heaven pays off.His ex-wife Xiao hua’s brother is a middle school teacher in Beijing, and he fell in love with huang Yongyu, a famous old urchin.Huang thought talent was rare and reportedly pasted his own paintings to pave the way for Zhang Yimou. Finally, he was recommended by huang Zhen, then the minister of Culture, to study at the Beijing Film Academy.The brightest pearl of the fifth generation of directors is officially down.Unlike tian Zhuangzhuang and Chen Kaige, zhang Yimou is a real humble citizen who finally achieved his dream of university through the approval of the minister of Culture. It is a miracle that the twists and turns involved.Here, personal struggle and resignation are meant to overwhelm the course of history.At that time there were Liu Xiaoqing, He Qun and a group of people by a strange combination of circumstances so “open the back door” into the university, the school once also posted a big-character newspaper to criticize this kind of back door, Zhang Yimou is particularly hard and cautious.His classmate Jiang Haiyang has two things impressed Zhang Yimou, Zhang Yimou hid an iron knot under the bed, is used to practice arm strength, the future carry camera stability;Zhang Yimou, a cameraman, turned a novel into a screenplay and asked Jiang Haiyang, a director, to direct it. Jiang thought Zhang had a plan for his life.After graduation, Zhang Yimou went to guangxi Film Factory, where he and Chen Kaige realized the fifth generation of directors.”Yellow Earth” is a match made in heaven, with Director Chen Kaige imbuing the story with deep thought and remote mood, while cinematographer Zhang Yimou imbues the picture with a strong sense of impact: the characters are always crowded on the edge of the picture under the irregular composition, and the sky and the yellow earth overwhelm everything.Less well known is that the two also directed and shot “Parade.”The story is based on a group of men in a PLA training team that is selecting the elite to participate in the 1984 parade.A 35-year-old squad leader (Wang Xueqi) sees attending a military parade as his final route to promotion;Harsh and tyrannical instructors (Sun Chun is acted the role of) hope to bring the savior on the battlefield to Beijing;There were soldiers who returned from the funeral procession after their mother died…All kinds of soldiers meet in order to participate in the parade ideal, training together, eat together, take a bath together…Day after day of practice, lift leg 30 cm, turn head 45 degrees, spacing 1.2 meters, 116 steps per minute, horizontal to a line, vertical to a line, oblique also a line.The 40 degree heat, the 39 degree fever, the deformity of the bandleg, all the difficulties seemed unimportant before the realization of the great ideal.However, under collectivism, personal feelings are secret and delicate, and soldiers will be confused and relaxed. Finally, why they participate in the parade gradually becomes unimportant, and the parade itself becomes the meaning.The scenes of “Grand Parade” are mainly outdoor and indoor.The main outdoor display of the military parade square is magnificent and shocking orderliness, Zhang Yimou’s genius composition ability and love of geometric beauty show.The room reveals the unutterable unease and hesitation of those soldiers, and Chen Kaige’s grasp of the inner world of the characters at this time has been sharp.The neat phalanx and the wandering individuals form a subtle film, coincidentally the artistic pursuits of Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige, which later seem to separate completely in both directions.Yellow Earth made them famous, and Parade marked their departure.Later, the story is well known, zhang Yimou with “Red Sorghum”, “Ju Dou” and a series of well-known at home and abroad, and himself and the motto “the more national, the more the world” firmly tied together.The Chinese, who have just opened their eyes to the world, are deeply affected by the huge and comprehensive gap, and it is considered a matter of national pride to be recognized overseas.Like many sporting heroes, the directors who have been winning at European film festivals are regarded as national heroes.After all, film is not the same art, and doubts ensued. Many people did not understand the plight of the fifth generation directors.This debate continued for a long time, until the new century arrived with its commercial blockbusters.After China’s entry into the WTO, American movies came.In front of Hollywood, Chinese directors suddenly lost confidence, Feng Xiaogang with comedy in it, but decent Chinese directors still want to make blockbusters.Zhang Yimou made Hero, a classic Zhang Yimou aesthetic film, with its big squares and strong colors, but its wrapped story core is both anachronistic and uninspiring.Not bad, though, because someone next door did something even worse.House of Flying Daggers and Curse of the Golden Flower were unsuccessful products of this exploration, but the most important turning point in Zhang’s life came at this stage.He became the chief director of the Opening ceremony of the Olympics, and during the eight-minute finale of the Athens Games in Beijing, he presented a hodgepodge of Chinese elements, which earned him a lot of criticism from Internet users.A beautiful opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games is the highest goal of Zhang Yimou’s artistic life and also the expectation of a generation of Chinese people.Fortunately, everything turns out to be perfect, and Zhang yimou has found a good balance between the nation and the world.There are many controversies surrounding Zhang Yimou, but the man who spent his life pursuing art has been inscribed in the process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Just as he said, now we are not afraid of what others say, we can show our Romantic Chinese to our hearts’ content.For Zhang Yimou himself, his artistic life has nothing to prove, just to move on.At the award ceremony of the 2019 Berlin Film Festival, Juliette Binoche read a letter to Zhang, which said, “We need artists to help us understand history and emotion.