Future quick comment: “after the wave” surging winter Olympics, let the youth burning boiling

2022-05-03 0 By

Su Yiming,17, won the silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final on Feb 7 with 88.70, the best score for China in the history of the event.Su yiming is the first Chinese snowboarder to compete in the Winter Olympics in men’s slopestyle and the youngest competitor in the competition.Among China’s “Winter Olympic Corps”, many of the post-00s generation like Su have come to the fore, shouldering heavy responsibilities for their country.Gu Ailing, who was born in 2003, advanced to the final of the women’s freestyle platform qualification on July 7.Han Yu, who was born in 2000, is the youngest captain of any curling team.At 17, He Jinbo, the youngest member of the team, will compete in the freestyle skiing grand jump qualification…Young and promising, the first time on the stage of the Winter Olympics after 00 young people are full of vigor and vitality, in the ice and snow set off a “youth storm”.In the winter Olympics, the upsurge of ice sports set off in China.The goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports” has been achieved. About one third of the 109 winter Olympics events were left blank, but now all of them have participated in the Games. Behind this is the hard work of young people born in the 2000s.”After the wave” surging, they all the way, after a heavy selection and training, came to the winter Olympic Games, not only to complete their personal debut, but also to achieve the Chinese team’s new project debut.Zhao Jiwen, the first Chinese in Nordic combined, won the “ticket” for the Winter Olympics in the Nordic combined Intercontinental Cup in Russia in November 2021;Zhao Dan, the flag-bearer of the Chinese sports delegation, has qualified for the women’s single event at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games after ranking the first overall in the domestic trials of the skeleton bobsled.The post-00s generation have achieved many “zero” breakthroughs and won their flowers and applause with the spirit of “striving to win”.”Everyone is a different snowflake, we bloom, gathered in Beijing, became the most brilliant one in the Winter Olympic Games.” In the Winter Olympic stadium, there are not only post-00s athletes in the pursuit of the dream of ice and snow, there are many figures busy, also in this ice and snow pageant “dream”.Most of the volunteers for the Winter Olympics come from domestic universities, and many of them are post-00s.They continue to break the stereotype of being “delicate” and “not mainstream” by giving full play to their talents in venue management, event service, language service, award ceremony and other fields to fulfill their “ice and snow appointment”.During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, two Chinese athletes born after 2000, cross-country skier Dinigel Iramujiang and Nordic combined athlete Zhao Jiwen, joined together to embed the final torch in a large snowflake shaped cauldron.Flaming torches illuminate young faces and highlight moments of this icy pageant.It is expected that the new generation of 00s will be like the rising sun, shining and holding up the bright future of China’s ice and snow industry.(Wu Manching)