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On the afternoon of March 13, Changchun, Jilin Province, held the third COVID-19 prevention and control press conference of 2022 to update the latest situation of the epidemic.From 00:00 to 24:00 on March 12, changchun reported 831 new COVID-19 cases and 42 asymptomatic cases, all of which are under observation in designated hospitals.At present, the medical teams of the First Hospital of JIDU and Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been stationed in the municipal Infectious Disease Hospital, adhering to the combination of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, providing scientific and accurate rescue, increasing the treatment and intervention of Traditional Chinese medicine, strengthening health guidance and scientific education for patients with mild diseases, and sparing no effort to improve the cure rate, recovery rate and discharge rate of patients.In order to further improve the city’s medical treatment capacity, a number of hospitals in Changchun added beds.The Changchun Infectious Disease Hospital has increased its number of beds by 359, the First Hospital of Jilin University has increased its number of beds by 650, and the Jilin Hepatobiliary Disease Hospital has increased its number of beds by 700.In addition, the Makeshift Hospital of Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, which started construction on March 10, has more than 1,500 beds as a treatment area for mild and asymptomatic COVID-19 patients. Today, it is ready for delivery and will be put into operation soon.As of 24:00 On March 12, jiutai district had a total of 654 confirmed cases and 131 asymptomatic cases.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Jiutai District has made every effort to ensure that all tests are carried out. In accordance with the provincial and municipal requirements of eliminating social gatherings as soon as possible, Jiutai District launched the first round of nucleic acid tests on March 6, and completed three rounds of nucleic acid tests by March 11.In order to ensure that the expected results are achieved, the detection is organized in different building and time segments by hour, and the spacing requirement of 2 meters is strictly implemented to follow the detection and prevent cross infection.And for the key crowd door detection, to ensure that a household does not fall.All efforts should be kept at bay.According to the track of positive cases, we will carry out rapid flow investigation, precisely target the close contacts and the sub-close contacts, conduct nucleic acid tests for all of them, and implement isolation and control measures.All confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons have been sent to designated hospitals for treatment, and transfer is being accelerated.Full push should be managed despite.12,586 party members and cadres, more than 1,000 medical workers and more than 6,200 volunteers have actively participated in the front-line epidemic prevention and control in the district. All communities in the city’s three streets have implemented the guarantee personnel stationed in buildings and buildings.At the same time, full protection of residents during the closure of the living needs.Strengthen health monitoring of community residents, effectively build epidemic prevention and safety barriers, implement traffic control in the whole area, and make every effort to block the transmission chain.On the morning of March 4, a teacher from Jiutai No. 1 High School in Jiutai district was found to have been infected with nucleic acid. The headquarters of Jiutai District immediately decided to seal off the campus and launch an emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control.The outbreak affected two high schools in the urban area (Jiutai No.1 Middle School and Jiutai Experimental High School).In order to quickly and effectively contain the spread of the epidemic in the school, corresponding quarantine and control measures were strictly implemented for the teachers and students who were closely connected and the secondary closely connected, and home health monitoring measures were implemented for other teachers and students who needed to be monitored.As of March 11, the last batch of infected teachers and students had been transferred to relevant hospitals in Changchun and should be treated.Source:In accordance with the requirements of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council on scientific division and precise prevention and control of COVID-19, Changchun city has been upgraded to moderate risk since 10 o ‘clock on March 13.Will be nine area DE gruyter HuiZu Township zhoujia village 6 clubs, nine area with nine good prosperous street garden street, nine area with nine dragons and phoenixes, nine area 9 street residence, nine area city streets agricultural communities of nanshan, nine XinGe garden area with nine street, nine area city streets learning somebody else, nine area no. 1 middle school, nine area city streets profit people communities, changchun new area beyond the streets dayu brown stone,Changchun New District, chaoyue Street modified pharmaceutical dormitory, Jingyue District, Zhonghai Huanyutianxia, Jingyue District, Weifeng East business Street construction site, Chaoyang District, Huxi street Lingxiu Chaoyang Upper house adjusted to medium risk areas.The risk level of other regions remains unchanged and remains low risk.Office of Changchun COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command March 13, 2022 Column Chief editor: Zhang Wu Text editor: Lu Xiaochuan Photo source: Xinhua News Agency Photo editor: Zhu L