2022KPL Spring game who are you most looking forward to coming back, “Coach Tsuyoshi to BP”

2022-05-04 0 By

2022KPL Spring game is about to start, although there are Zi Mo, Star trace and dream LAN and so on a number of unlocked baby lock genius will soon return.Wolves little fat out of the spring game but black prediction of the spring game is still the probability of wuhan eStarPro big demon king reign season.The same esports game is boring, so everyone expects the emergence of new stars and the return of former strong.Long zhe cartoon head picture today to introduce you to the spring game black I most expect to return to the people, that is nanjing Hero once coach long zhe.2021KPL Spring championship a year ago the spring game is long zhe coach return to lead Nanjing Hero long race for two consecutive crown, then the son Yang and Qing Rong or nanjing Hero two members of the tiger.2020 Winter Champion one season ahead, 2020 Winter Champion Coach Jiu Zhe came back to lead Nanjing Hero to get rid of the title of “Auspicious three full” and win the first champion of Hero2.0 version.Who would have thought that Kuchutsu would take five rookies to the championship, and that he would just take it from a DYG champion five that couldn’t beat anyone in the fall.At that time, DYG intensity than the current Wuhan eStarPro are not less than let, in the second half of 2020, long zhe once big disciple 3FMVP player jiu Cheng in DYG can only be a substitute.2020KPL Fall Championship And due to the short interval between winter championship and KPL Fall championship and the fact that the game version doesn’t change much, the team that wins the KPL Fall championship has a high chance of winning the winter championship.It is no exaggeration to say that the DYG winter Champions Cup championship team was not long after the return of kutsu.The 2021 winter Challenger Cup champion now appears wuhan eStarPro a dominant situation, just don’t know if there is a long zhe such people appear.He still likes to see the process of being able to pick players with his own vision and bring them to the big league and finally win the championship.Compared with SK, who are good at collecting strong cards, the struggle from nothing, step by step, is more attractive and more like esports.Finally, Hero fans often say, the most hopeful words “lift long zhe coach up BP!”.KPL strength alone first gear boss coach long zhe