The “elite” fled Ukraine, Poland braced for war with Russia and Kiev plunged into a deep crisis

2022-05-04 0 By

Recently, there has been renewed talk of an imminent Russian attack on Ukraine.According to western media, U.S. intelligence agencies have obtained information, Biden even directly pointed out that Russia will launch an attack on Ukraine on The 16th.It is not clear whether the U.S. intelligence is accurate or whether the Russian military will launch an attack on The 16th, but it is already a fact that Ukraine is in a serious crisis.A number of top businessmen, including Kiev’s richest man, have left Ukraine in recent days.Clearly, the departure of these Ukrainian “financial titans” has a lot to do with the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine.According to local media reports, an exodus of the “elite” is underway, with about 20 charter and private planes taking off from Kiev in a single day.According to, the private jet of Ukraine’s richest man was among them, while the country’s second richest man, a steel magnate, also quit his job at the end of last month.It is worth noting that both men worked to bring Ukraine into NATO.It is clear that the elites see a possible conflict between Ukraine and Russia as a threat to Russia, even with NATO backing, or they would not have been so eager to flee Kiev.On the other side, Ukraine’s neighbor, Poland, is also preparing for war with Russia.Warsaw said Poland was prepared for “all scenarios,” According to Russia Today.Including Russia’s offensive in Ukraine.But they are not preparing for a fight with Russia, they are preparing to receive refugees from the direction of Ukraine.Poland sees an influx of Ukrainians into Europe if Russian troops move in.Poland, which shares a border with Ukraine, will be the hardest hit.Poland has to be fully prepared to face this situation.American officials put the number as high as five million.Washington is sending an additional 3,000 U.S. troops to Poland to help deal with the situation.Some analysts pointed out that the “elite” from Ukraine fled to Poland to receive Ukrainian refugees.It has proved that Ukraine has fallen into a serious crisis, and the loss of a large amount of wealth and talent has hit Ukraine quite hard.War or not war with Russia is not that important anymore.The war was over before it even began.Russian troops massing on the border have already cornered Ukraine, and one can only imagine that when Russia does, Ukraine will be powerless to fight back.As for those who encouraged them to provoke Russia, they are either running away or preparing to take in refugees. If Kiev does not improve relations with Russia in time, they will come to a very bad end.(shape)