The new generation Ford Mondeo debuts deductive potential aesthetics

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Ford Motor officially unveiled the new Ford Mondeo at the newly opened Ford Design Center in China on January 17, 2022.As a new interpretation of the new design language “potential aesthetics”, the new generation of Mondeo not only fully integrates the design essence of Ford and the aesthetic cognition of contemporary Chinese consumers, but also presents the progress of forward-looking technology and humanized experience and design integration.As a well-known global model of Ford brand, Mondeo has been widely welcomed by consumers all over the world for generations. Since its debut in The Chinese market in 2004, Ford Mondeo has rapidly established a distinct and unique image with sporty styling language and forward-looking technical experience.The Ford design team is fully aware that to continue the success of such a classic model, we need to keep pace with The Times and keep improving on the core of the brand spirit of “pioneering innovation”, fully absorb the avant-garde Chinese consumers’ demand for innovation, sense of technology and exquisite workmanship, and reshape the classic with innovation.”The mondeo name is familiar to most consumers, and it was an honor and a challenge for our design team to design a new generation of products for such a model.”Maurizio Tocco, Ford’s chief designer, said, “We want to build on the success of previous generations of Mondeo products and take the customer experience to a whole new level.The starting point of product design is always customer experience, with creative solutions that perfectly integrate people’s needs and desires into product design.”Under this background, Ford China design team led the establishment of a new generation of design concept — “potential aesthetics”.Salute the concept refinement, and innovation the ford brand accumulation in the long history of the classic design elements, the team also through extensive market research and domestic research, insight into the Chinese market consumer insights to beauty and preferences, the ford brand one hundred years of aesthetic accumulation and the integration of the forefront of the local market trends.This new design concept defines ford’s new products for the Chinese market in terms of three basic performance principles, which are “dynamic and intelligent modeling”, “innovation and intelligent response”, and “power and powerful field”.The new generation of Mondeo shows the dynamic exterior design of the four-door coupe, explaining these three basic performance principles incisively and vividly.It all started with the forward-leaning posture of the front of the car, riding the wind, and writing with unprecedented creative inspiration.At the same time, a slender, sharp line with a strong sense of strength extends backwards, longitudinal across the side of the body, and the strong shoulder line with the momentum and the smooth stretch of the roof curve converge at the rear of the car. The three lines are skillfully integrated into the duck tail tailbox lid designed by air force, in one stroke, depicting the charm of smart and speed.On the side of the car, below the shoulder line and waist line, there are abundant shape changes, taking advantage of the light and shadow to reveal the dynamic beauty of the ready to go. The shape under the door is tightened inwardly, and this concave surface is like the natural fluctuation of muscles under the light.Moving directly in front of the vehicle, the new generation Mondeo’s very imposing and dynamic front face contains more elements that illustrate the expression principle of “creativity and intelligent response”.On both sides of the car body, there are two day running lights across the front face, which are similar to the folding Angle in traditional Chinese calligraphy. The feeling of strength is as heavy as the shoulder, which further strengthens the improvement of the transverse width of the new generation Mondeo and the posture of ready movement.This memorable day light line, and the application of parametric design to build below scales grille supplement each other, breathing scales grille is inspired by modern architectural curtain wall, every piece of the shape, size and configuration of grille scales Angle is different, after precision of parameter calculation, from different angles can present a rich and delicate light changes.Ford classic octagonal grille exterior in the new generation of Mondeo to inherit, and to be dramatic processing, proportion is more exaggerated, more radical modeling, all the design elements of the front are radiating to it as the center.The strong lines and three-dimensional surface from the previous face on the cover are common in the classic performance models of Ford brand, which is a footnote to the performance principle of “force · strong air field”. The atmosphere stretches and highlights the hidden Ford performance gene with “force”.A homage to the classics also appears at the rear, where the unique taillights incorporate classic three-dimensional design elements and outline the surroundings with a sported fumigated inner cavity, visually emphasizing the dimensions of the body — 23mm wider and 63mm longer than the previous generation.The increase in body size also ensured that ford’s design team created ample, leading-edge passenger space while interpreting dynamic styling with a “fast-back” roof.Extensive research and local studies in the Chinese market show that consumers care about the emotional connection and interaction between cars and humans, a demand that has helped to create the expression principle of “innovation and Intelligent response.”The new generation of Ford Mondeo will always implement this principle in many design throughout the car — like the hidden door handle on the side of the car to create a streamlined body shape, which can realize the inductive pop-up;Like the Ford Logo above the trunk lid, it is not just a static Logo design, but also a trunk open button function.Among these design elements, the most eye-catching should be the penetrating headlight and breathing 3D parametric scale grille. When the owner approaches the vehicle, the headlights will be lit in turn, and the grille scale will rise and fall like breathing, welcoming the arrival of the owner with a sense of ceremony.”These design elements interpretation of ‘gen · smart answer to this one design principle in the application of this new model, an active response to the Chinese consumer market for prospective car interactive technology and rich emotional experience of demand”, ford group, China and the international market design director Max Wolff said, “our goal is to create a streamlined aesthetic modelling,Show the energy and power of hardness and softness between movement and movement, while providing comfortable space for all passengers.The powerful shape, the iconic shape of the car and the powerful posture, together show a strong field of confidence, this is the ‘atmosphere’ that Chinese consumers appreciate.”The design and development of the next generation Ford Mondeo is led by the Ford China team, in collaboration with Ford’s global design and engineering departments, with the aim of creating innovative and forward-looking new products to meet the basic needs of the automotive market and fulfill the promise of “more Ford, more China”.The new ford Mondeo will be produced by Changan Ford and will go on sale this year.