Send “miao” door!Mobile vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine has started in Putuo

2022-05-05 0 By

On the morning of March 14, the putuo vaccination service vehicle entered the health clinic of Luomen village in Zhanmao sub-district. The medical staff of the sub-district health service center provided on-site vaccination services for residents, clearing the “last kilometer” of vaccination.Registration, inoculation, observation…Early in the morning, residents methodically vaccinate under the guidance of community workers.Since the evening of March 13, community workers have informed unvaccinated residents to go to health centers for vaccination through wechat groups and phone calls.”Considering the inconvenience of people’s movement, we specially went to the Luomen clinic to carry out vaccination work, and also arranged the emergency vehicle medical support staff of Putuo Hospital to help do a good job in medical security.”Zhanmao street community health service center director Zhu Haidong said.According to Zhu haidong, the conditions of vaccine supply, vaccination system and medical support at mobile vaccination sites are the same as those at fixed vaccination sites. There are consultation, vaccination and observation areas, and vaccine coolers to ensure safe and effective vaccination. Ambulances and first-aid medicines are also provided in case of special cases.”We will ask for some basic information before vaccination and arrange vaccination if it is appropriate.”Zhu Haidong, director of zhanmao Street Community Health Service Center, said that on the day, elderly people over 60 years old are the “main characters” of vaccination, and some elderly people with mobility difficulties are accompanied by their children.”It would have been very inconvenient for older people to go to the Zhanmao health center to play, but now I can play right outside my home. It is really the best thing.”Luomen village villager Tong Songdi said.Since March, the putuo Novel Coronavirus vaccine has entered a phase of rapid progress in strengthening immunization.Among them, the vaccination coverage rate of the elderly population over 80 years old is still at a low level.There is still much room to improve vaccination coverage.Considering the actual difficulty of vaccination for the elderly, the Putuo health department has started mobile vaccination to make it easier for residents, especially the elderly, to get the COVID-19 vaccine nearby, and jointly build a strong barrier for epidemic prevention and control.It is reported that next, the vaccination service car will also drive into donggang street Tangtou, Nan ‘ao, Luhua, Guan Gangtou, Pu ‘ao, Shenjiamen street Dagan, Pingyangpu, Duntou, Lujiazhi and other points, so that the vaccine run more road, so that the masses less errands.