These 7 families are the most likely to produce outstanding children, regardless of whether they have money or not

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For children, family is their best harbor, parents are their best guide.The family environment plays a key role in whether a child can win the starting line, fully develop his talents and become promising in the future.As a parent, the greatest hope is to raise excellent children.So, how to cultivate excellent, promising dragon and phoenix?Many parents may say: of course, it is to let the children study hard, enter the key middle school, enter the experimental class, receive the best education ah!But have you ever thought that the best education is actually from parents at home.Children can study hard, excellent grades, the most fundamental lies in the parents of their children’s teachings and subtle influence.Parents’ way of life, way of thinking, way of education and way of life will play a decisive role in children’s character, psychology and behavior, and will have a long-term and far-reaching impact.So, what kind of family, in order to raise outstanding children?These seven families have already booked a place for their future successful children, regardless of whether they have money or not!Take a look.”We may go through life without amassing much wealth or fame,” says Spencer, a noted author and educator.But every parent has accumulated some good lessons and character through life.Give these to children, who will magnify and shine with their new life.”Yes, the world is not fair, and there will be different conditions for children.But there is one thing every parent can give, and that is character.And all relationships in this world, no matter what they start, end up in character.Different personalities of parents can lead to very different lives for their children.A netizen shared a story about his parents: “My parents are not powerful people, just selling beef vendors, but my beef is always more expensive than others.As a child, I was puzzled by this, but I finally found the answer.It turned out that several other vendors in the vegetable market were injecting water into beef, so that they could make a lot more money even though they were a little cheaper.I asked my father, why don’t we water.My father touched my head and said, be kind, not unconscionable.Again, no one is stupid, you ignorant conscience, lost character, who dare to look for you later.Later, I found that the vendors in the market came and went several times, but their own business was always the best.Although parents are ordinary people, can not give me superior conditions, but their behavior and conduct, but forever engraved in my heart.Tolstoy once said, “All education, or nine hundred and ninety-nine hundredths of it, comes down to the example, to the parents’ own decency and perfection.”If your child is out making trouble, and others blame your child, say: “This child has no education!”And when children grow up, problems must also be the root of the parents.Children’s success is closely related to parents’ correct family education of their children.Really can let the child become useful, is the character that has a relationship with him……The establishment of moral character comes from the power of example, parents as a child’s example is not to escape.”The experience of parental love is something I will never have in this life. I hope my children will answer that question.”There is no specification of love, higher than parental love, there is no temperature of happiness, beyond the harmony of the family.The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. The best education parents can give their children is to love each other.Many families have children, children become the center of the family, compared to the children, the other half is always relatively neglected.In fact, the best state of the family is that father loves mother, mother loves father, and anytime and anywhere to show, let the children feel the warmth and happiness of the family.Huo Siyan and Du Jiang are the model of a loving couple in the entertainment industry.When Du Jiang entered the door, he always hugged his wife first, and then went to hug his son.The couple showed their love by embracing in front of ahem.Growing up in such an environment, he will spoil his mother as a little princess, will want to bring candy to the pet doctor, will take the initiative to care for others, he does not lack of love, so he does not mean love.In family life, what children want most is parental affection.Because, parents quarrel, children will be in a dilemma;Children can’t afford to have their parents argue over and over again.Children from quarrelsome families will become vulnerable and have no happiness at all.According to Hellinger, the founder of the famous Family Arrangement system, happy family relationships are as follows: the husband and wife stand side by side in close proximity;The child stands in the middle of the front of the parent to form a stable isosceles triangle.Husband and wife are life partners and share destiny.Of all family relationships, husband and wife is the first.When you put your relationship first, your child won’t be self-centered.A harmonious family is a happy family for children.The best education for children is for parents to love and not quarrel.So love your children, start by loving your partner.A family that respects its children is based on trust.Everyone’s life, there are countless possibilities, and the choice of life, belong to their own.All parents have to do is trust their children to handle their own affairs.The role of parents in their children’s lives should be to offer advice, to guide and inspire their children, not to make decisions.Bing Xin once said, “Let children grow naturally like wild flowers, and respect children’s nature and choice.”Healthy children should have respect as well as love.This respect is not coddling him to do whatever he wants, nor paternalistic saying “no” means “no”.Let children grow with choices and learn to live with consequences, rather than having a life plan and forcing them to follow it.Parents should not only respect their children, but also respect others in the way they behave. Children grow up in such an environment, can learn self-esteem, and learn to respect others.Mo Yan once said on his micro blog: “I worship the children of rebellious parents, because I think the children who dare to raise the flag of rebellion first must be the nebings of the heroes of the world. Parents can only love but fail because hens can also love, and the other side of the most sincere love is often the most brutal cool government.Parents have to be trained and of comparable quality.”There are no naturally successful parents. There are no parents who don’t need to learn. Successful parents are the result of continuous learning and improvement.Learning is an effective way to improve yourself.The Li Yan family, which was once named the first Chinese family of books, the most beautiful family in the Capital and the most beautiful family in the country, is a model of changing the course of life because of learning.Li Yan graduated from Shanxi Mining Institute as a coal mining engineer, then resigned to Beijing, has been engaged in IT, media and other professions, then resigned to set up the “second study.”All of this has to do with one thing about this family.Li Yan’s family are all “people who love books”, no matter where they go, they will take a book with them. Her daughter, influenced by what she heard and saw since childhood, also developed the habit of carrying books and reading at any time. She became a talented girl in Peking University and published her own works.And his wife liu Chenglian, in the process of accompanying their daughter’s growth, also self-taught, became a well-known family education expert.”My life, my family, has changed because of reading, and the importance of reading is self-evident.”Li Yan said.”Be the person you want your children to be,” said Dong Qing.Parents are the best teachers for children. The best education for children is to teach by example. If children want to love learning, parents should first create a family with a learning atmosphere.In their spare time, parents can put down the phone, turn off the computer and TV, pick up a book, pick up a newspaper, read more, or learn a skill.From the perspective of Li Yan’s family, it is precisely because of parents’ self-improvement that their daughter’s reading habit has been subtly influenced.Growing up in such a home full of learning, learning becomes a habit rather than a burden to be enforced.05 understand the emotional management of the family survey shows that 90% of parents in the process of raising children, will produce anxiety: how can we communicate better with children?What if you’re too busy to spend time with your kids?What to do if your child’s test scores slip…Why anxiety?Many parents are unable to manage and control their emotions.Parents in long-term anxiety, often sensitive and irritable, often angry with their children.And long-term in the negative mood of the parents of children, on the one hand will be imperceptibly affected, become violent, disorderly temper;On the other hand, lack of parental understanding leads to estrangement of parent-child relationship.What’s more, parents can’t control their emotions, which may ruin their children.A new mother let her five-month-old baby fall out of bed.Instead of getting comfort and understanding from her husband, she was criticized by her husband for not working and not being able to take care of her children at home.In a fit of anger, she chose to jump off a building with her children!If parents know how to control their emotions and let their children grow up in a positive environment, then the child must be a person who can manage emotions and interpersonal relationships will not be poor.When a child is faced with a problem, he will think rationally, not emotionally.Believe that if you bring depression and pessimism to your children, they will respond with depression and pessimism.If you give joy and joy to your children, they will give joy and joy in return.Someone said: “Education is good, look at the way parents talk, you know.”Indeed, as the saying goes, “The style is the man.”Similarly, the way parents speak can also reflect their attitudes and personalities.Parents are too loud, easily swear, not only affect the relationship between husband and wife, but also scare the children;Parents who talk well can get along well and let their children live in a harmonious and stable family environment.Get along with the family, to understand the sense of propriety, polite.Gentle language is indispensable in a family.Treat children with gentle, friendly and polite words.A certain scholar did this very well: he was a father who was very attentive to guiding his children, and at the same time very respectful of their individuality and wishes.He has a thoughtful consideration and arrangement for the future of each child, but does not insist that they must do according to their own intentions.Family is a place for relaxation and rest. Do not vent your grievances and dissatisfaction in society on your family members or give them facial expressions.Be comfortable with your family and don’t be sarcastic.And families that know how to talk well tend to be particularly happy, where couples are united and children grow up in the most friendly environment.A house with rules is a house without rules.We all say that too much or too little education is not good for children.Because, parents indulgent love for children, will let children lose the bottom line;However, if you give a child too strict love, the child will lose himself.So what to do?Set rules for your child.”Freedom with rules is called liveliness;Freedom without rules is called unbridled;Lack of chutzpah is propriety, and lack of vivacity is rigidity.”First of all, it is the responsibility to make family rules. Parents have the awareness to correct their children’s bad habits, and children have the awareness to make the family better because of good habits.Family rules are not only for children, but for every member of the family. Parents should also be strict with themselves and set an example for their children.For the child, these rules become habits, not shackles.The child is the copy, the parents are the original, the family is the copier.Every move of parents, will be deeply imprinted in the heart of the child;The family environment will eventually be reflected in the child’s long life ahead.It is not enough to cultivate excellent children by working on them.Parents change their ideas, set an example for their children, be willing to grow up with their children, and provide a good family environment for their children, which is the panacea to cultivate excellent children.Disclaimer: