Communications: “Slash Youth” in COVID-19

2022-05-06 0 By

The picture shows Erming Ze at work.Huhhot, March 13 ( — The COVID-19 epidemic control command department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region announced on March 13 that the number of new cases in Hohhot has reached zero.After the outbreak of the epidemic in Hohhot, many “slash youth” have suddenly increased in the city. Their jobs come from all walks of life, but at the moment of fighting against the epidemic, they resolutely take on the responsibility of protecting their homes and become volunteers.Pictured is Dorina.Dorina is a teacher at Inner Mongolia Police Vocational College. Her community was one of the first to be closed and controlled in Hohhot. After learning that she could not return to work, she volunteered to be a volunteer for epidemic prevention and control in the community.Dorina said, I was busy every day filling in information, maintaining order, helping residents, knocking on doors, and doing whatever I needed. But there were many people who worked harder and worked harder than us.Course, she is online teaching teacher, the rest of the time are volunteers, when see the news of the “zero growth”, many lina said with a smile: “finally wait until this day, in the days of the outbreak, I did some things, you can reach the epidemic situation is getting better and better, it has delighted every one of us is special.”The picture shows dorina registration information.”Blue friend” Erming Ze is a firefighter of alashan League fire rescue detachment. After finishing the Spring Festival duty preparation, he went back to Hohhot to visit his parents. On the third day after returning home, Hohhot was hit by an epidemic.In the early days of the epidemic, the number of confirmed cases increased every day, and So did The tasks of His work, the most complicated of which was the flow of information.The picture shows the volunteer fire brigade.Respondents to figure the Ming ze is introduced: “flow the work has no fixed time, the distribution of task is not finished, it’s not end of a day’s work, staff basic information, health status, recent stroke, have done the nucleic acid testing, test results, this information should be accurate to verify, in order to ensure the smooth collection of information, need to hold for at least 12 hours a day.”At its peak, he averaged more than 600 entries a day.”My baby and I will wait for you.”His wife’s concern turned into words of encouragement, which strengthened His choice. He said: “Whether as a firefighting and rescue worker or a volunteer under the epidemic, it is in the time of people’s need, without hesitation, go through fire and water.””Slash youth” Xu Xiaogang is a front-line worker at a local power plant and the founder of Lanhada Charity.For many years, he and his team have been on the road of public welfare.After the outbreak, he quickly organized a eradication team, and they did not flinch in the worst places.”From the afternoon of February 16, we organized 15 volunteers with professional training under the guidance of professionals to start voluntary eradication work.”Xu xiaogang said, more than 80 epidemic prevention vehicles, more than 160 communities, more than 190 nucleic acid collection sites, more than 60 traffic police booths at each intersection, kindergartens, high-speed exit and entrance, organs and units, can see the eradication team figure.In addition to the eradication work, Lanhada charity also actively contacted some communities and streets under great pressure to understand the needs of supplies, so as to make precise donations and save public resources to the greatest extent.Although Hohhot has achieved zero new, containment and control of the community have been opened, but the elimination work is still in progress, Xu Xiaogang said forcefully: “the epidemic does not withdraw, we do not spread, this is love of Hohhot.”