Just like dragons rising in China | intangible teacher za billiton intangible “tiger” (2)

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The Spring Festival, is the most important festival in the hearts of our Chinese people, Spring Festival couplets, window cuts, lanterns, pendants, tiger paste tiger, these traditional Spring Festival decorations can not be less, the more fashionable “cloud New Year” the same full of flavor!Come here!Accompany you online “happy New Year”!In 1982, Wang Sicheng worked as a cinematographer and director at Xi ‘an Film Studio, and studied Chinese language and literature at Northwest University campus of CCTV University.This experience enriched his cultural background, and in the practice of film art, he also had a deeper understanding of beauty.He believes that there are similarities and similarities between the elaboration of beauty through the lens and the restoration of beauty through the transmission and extension of techniques.Wang Sicheng, who has been exploring intangible cultural heritage for many years, now has a deeper understanding of it: “The intangible cultural heritage is made of ingenuity, prose and high quality.”On display