Nearly 60% of employees strongly support it, and Ctrip announced that it was the first company in China to open the mixed office mode

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Online travel company Ctrip announced on Feb 14 that it will introduce a mixed office system throughout the company.Starting from March 1st, every Wednesday and Friday, all business units and functional departments of the company can implement or gradually implement 1-2 days of mixed office according to the actual management needs, that is, 1-2 days per week. Qualified employees can choose their own office location, which can be at home, coffee shop or resort hotel.Ctrip has simultaneously released matching policies on employee application and management procedures, equipment support and other policies, which means that Ctrip has become the first company in China to actually implement the mixed office system.According to Ctrip, this round of promotion is based on a mixed office experiment involving more than 1,600 people starting in August 2021. The results show that after nearly six months of experiment, the willingness of employees to participate has risen to nearly 60%, and the dimission rate has dropped by about one-third without significant impact on performance.It is understood that after the epidemic, some high-tech companies, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple began to normalize and institutionalize telecommuting, requiring employees to come to the company 1-2-3 days a week.China, as a big labor force and Internet power, has also begun to face up to this change.This time, Ctrip took the lead in promoting the mixed working mode throughout the company, reflecting the efficiency improvement effect of telecommuting not only applies to foreign companies, but also applies to Chinese companies.Liang Jianzhang, chairman of ctrip Group, said: the promotion of mixed office system is a win-win for enterprises, employees and society.It not only improves employee satisfaction without affecting efficiency, but also helps reduce traffic jams and protect the environment.Alleviating high housing prices and regional disparities;In addition, it is beneficial to family harmony, female career development and increase fertility rate.It is hoped that the mixed office system will be promoted in more mainstream Chinese enterprises in the future, which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on China’s society and economy.Early in 2010, Ctrip launched a mixed-work experiment for customer service staff, and the results showed that “working from home” improved employee performance by 13%, led to higher employee satisfaction and reduced job turnover rate by 50%.Liang Jianzhang, ctrip’s chairman and an advocate, also published The research paper, entitled “The Feasibility of working from home: Experimental Evidence based on China”, in The Quarterly Journal of Economics, a leading US Economics Journal.After the epidemic, Liang jianzhang again advocated the experiment of mixed office with broader functions.Ctrip’s latest round of experiments started in August 2021 and involved 1,612 employees, including about 400 supervisors.The function is mainly the core function of Internet companies – product research and development, and business and functional departments are also involved.”Excited and a little worried.I worry that the boundary between life and work will become blurred.”Tingting (pseudonym), a designer from Ctrip’s airline ticket business group, learned that she was on the whitelist of the mixed-office experiment at a weekly meeting in September last year.Before that, she noticed some foreign reports about mixed working.But before joining the trial, she wasn’t sure whether it would be positive or negative.After five months of experimentation, she switched from neutral to supportive.As a designer, she finds that when she works remotely, she is often booked first, making it easier for her to manage her time and focus without interruptions.On the life front, the hybrid office saves her commuting time, allows her more time to sleep, and even “saves on makeup.”The overall data of Ctrip about the “mixed office system” shows that the attitude of the participating employees to the mixed office system continues to improve after the experiment: the unsupport decreased from 1% to 0.1%, the neutral decreased by 5.3%, and the proportion of strongly support increased by 6.3% to nearly 60%.In the post-experiment survey, 71.9% of employees believed that mixed working would not affect their performance, an increase of 3.8%;Among supervisors, the figure was even higher, at 76 percent, and even higher, at 10.8 percent.This expectation was also reflected in the year-end performance results of the experimental employees, which showed no significant change in the percentage of employees performing at each level, while the turnover rate decreased by 32%.”We found no significant impact on individual performance or on the achievement of overall business objectives.”Tan Dong (pseudonym), who is in charge of the airline ticket business group at Ctrip, has found that the mixed office system also contributes to employee satisfaction and happiness, making it easier to retain talented employees and reduce turnover.”The director needs to be a little more open and inclusive.Don’t have a preconceived fear of the hybrid model. It’s not that scary.”In a survey of nearly 60% of employees who support mixed working, Ctrip summed up the top three reasons for voting: reducing commuting time and making more efficient use of time (93.6%);Facilitating work-life balance (78.4 percent);Higher levels of happiness and more creativity at work (75.1%).A Lai (pseudonym), who works in the overseas business team of the ticket sales department of Ctrip, often spends two hours commuting.The time he spends commuting each week has been greatly reduced by joining the hybrid office.He also finds that he tends to work better when he’s in a mixed office.Because “time that would have been spent commuting to work can be used to readjust me to work,” it often gives Chen a more positive attitude toward her day’s work.Mu (pseudonym) is an employee in ctrip’s technical operation center, the overseas IT support department, who spends most of her daily work communicating online.Mixed working effectively saves her money on daily life.”If to the company, I may choose to have dinner with my coworkers in the downstairs, or buy some milk tea, so one day I could be spending even 50 6, 70 yuan”, “if at home, I have time, also have the condition to cook, so can save down to 50 dollars a day.This is also one of the social effects that Liang Jianzhang advocates for Ctrip’s “mixed office”.James liang believes that mixed office system helps to reduce traffic congestion, environmental protection, and alleviates the high prices of big cities and regional differences: “if a city a day on average, 20% of workers use telecommuting, to a certain extent, ease the commuter traffic jams, car less increased commuting efficiency, also make people more willing to live in the suburbs.In the long run, the total value of house prices in the inner suburbs and the city centre is likely to become closer and closer, with the inner suburban sub-centre more prosperous.”He also thinks that, in addition to the suburbs, employees in smaller cities can work from home for companies based in big cities, especially those within two hours of the big cities by high-speed train.”If the government can increase the supply of housing land and public facilities in the suburbs of big cities and smaller cities around them, it will bring a new round of investment and construction, which will also be an opportunity to boost economic growth.”Under the initiative of population economist Liang Jianzhang, Ctrip has been implementing many female-friendly policies. The introduction of this “mixed office system” naturally takes into account the positive impact on women’s career development and fertility rate increase.Xiao Xiao (not her real name) is a manager in the business support department of Ctrip Technology Center and a working mother.Mixed office brings her feeling that she can take better care of children’s study, lighten the burden on the elderly, and have more freedom and flexibility in work.”During the winter vacation, children at home, the old man with only at ordinary times, if I work at home, the days that I can look after the children, to a certain extent, can also fit for example during my lunch break to help him see lessons”, and comes to work, raining may be continuing in the afternoon to pick up children, arrange work until 9 o ‘clock in the evening, 10 o ‘clock quieter moments,”I actually feel more productive through the experience.”Sun Hao (pseudonym), a database expert at the technology center, feels that his work-life balance has improved and his family happiness has improved.Sun Tianhao described, technical staff overtime more, often home at night, found most of the family have been asleep.When I woke up in the morning, my family went out to buy vegetables and go for a walk.Although we live together, the time we see each other seems very short.After joining the mixed office, Sun can spend more time with his family because of the reduced commuting time.The hybrid office also opened his eyes to the possibility of family trips together.”I can work in the hotel, and the elderly and children can play outside, so that the family can meet the desire to travel together.”Although the “mixed office system” is a win-win result for enterprises, employees and the society, enterprises must also face the problems in the implementation of the new system.In ctrip’s experimental survey, some employees and supervisors also expressed their concerns about this model, among which nearly 50% were “worried about affecting the relationship between colleagues”.As a supervisor, there are problems such as “worrying about being difficult to manage.”Pan Pan (pseudonym), from Ctrip’s platform technology center, is the director of her team, which has three members participating in the mixed office experiment.At the start of the experiment, she worried that communication, usually done with a tap on the shoulder, would be less effective when transferred online.But the actual experience, her feeling is “ok.”In Pan’s view, the introduction of hybrid work poses new challenges for both supervisors and employees.She felt it was important for employees to improve their ability to manage themselves.At the same time, supervisors and employees need to work together, and companies need to be able to better support home-based employees.”We will help employees and supervisors adapt to and gradually acquire the advantages of the system and avoid negative effects through equipment, technology and management support.”Related person in charge of ctrip’s human Resources department introduced that the company will focus on empowering employees to improve telecommuting efficiency and empowering supervisors to help supervisors strengthen their management ability.”Hybrid work is becoming a global trend.We look forward to more companies embracing the changes and starting to emulate and promote them, which will have a profound impact on Chinese society and economy.”Liang jianzhang said.