Housing enterprises began the campaign of “guarantee to pay”, after the Spring Festival in Guangdong more than 100 real estate resumed work

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2022 is a year of desperate battle for housing enterprises.For property companies suffering from liquidity problems, ensuring the delivery of buildings under construction across the country has become a priority.If the project is successfully delivered, on the one hand, it can invigorate the supervised capital account and alleviate liquidity difficulties;On the other hand, it can also play a role in the credit repair of enterprise brand image, so as to improve the sustainable operation ability of enterprises in the later period.Of course, due to liquidity difficulties under the capital chain tension and overdue credit and other problems, “guarantee building” is still a difficult task, which is also the most important test for housing enterprises.Therefore, the actual resumption of work and production of housing enterprises has become the main observation window and basis for the progress of “guaranteed delivery”.Recently, “National Business News” reporters interviewed the Olympic Garden Group, Pattern year Group and other housing enterprises learned that since the beginning of this month, a number of housing enterprises are preparing for the full resumption of work, check the resumption of work after the holiday, the deployment of key work in advance.Many executives of housing enterprises in the New Year actively sinking line, supervision resume work.After the Spring Festival, Guangdong housing enterprises have resumed work more than 100 projects.Construction site of Hengji · Xueyuan No.1, Olympic Garden, Panyu, GuangzhouRespondents for figure in advance to prepare for the return to work, security funds in place at the end of December 2021, minister of housing and urban-rural development said Wang Menghui, forceful disposal where delivery risk of real estate project, individual head real estate enterprises to “hand in building, the people’s livelihood, maintaining stability,” as the first target, according to the working requirements of provinces and cities as a whole to market into the principle of rule by law,We will ensure social stability and protect the interests of the state and the people.In fact, in order to ensure the orderly resumption of work after the Spring Festival, Olympic Park, New Year, Evergrande and other housing enterprises have arranged relevant work in advance.”Around the Spring Festival, the group’s senior management team has already carried out intensive research and special meetings, and deployed key tasks in advance.”The garden has told the daily economic news “reporter, in the early years ago, the garden was put forward by” one project one strategy “as the guiding principle, organize various regions to carry out the” three balance five guarantees “: namely completes the schedule, quality and cost balance, to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, security funds in place to ensure the Labour, ensure material supply, ensure management in place.The pattern year aspect told the reporter that in view of the resumption of work and production after the Spring Festival, the whole group deployed early, fast action, solid work, good effect, the company before the Spring Festival with the construction units inventory after the holiday resumption time, in advance deployment of key work.After the Spring Festival, the whole country actively promoted the safe and orderly resumption of the project as planned.At the New Year’s mobilization meeting for the construction of The Building in 2022, Xu Jiayin, chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande, said that evergrande had issued three important documents successively before the Spring Festival, giving many measures to the construction cooperation enterprises, which was to mobilize the enthusiasm of the construction partners after the Spring Festival.For example, cash payment for the project, increase the contract price of the remaining output value of the construction, pay the start-up capital for the resumption of work after the Spring Festival, increase the payment proportion of all progress payments, and give the construction unit an efficiency reward.”These are to let the construction units with our long-term cooperation benefit, the construction units have more abundant cash flow, can realize the full resumption of construction of baojian building project.Only with vigour and vitality to restore normal construction, restore market confidence, we can restore the sales of payment, to restore the building has been collected unsold sales work.On February 12, in order to quickly start the post-Holiday work resumption, the Olympic Park organized a nationwide mobilization conference for work resumption and production resumption, to deploy and implement the requirements of the “five guarantees” of the Group, and to make arrangements and announcements on matters concerning the safe work resumption and production resumption.Specific requirements will be made on the resumption of work, epidemic prevention management, safety inspection organization, upstream and downstream suppliers, funding plan, air drying evaluation and adjustment of working conditions.In addition to the pressure of debt, due to the number of projects under construction, and the building time is more intensive, which is still in the liquidity difficulties in the housing enterprises is also no small difficulty.According to the data disclosed by Evergrande Group, evergrande aims to complete the delivery of about 70 million square meters and 600,000 units this year, which means that nearly 50% of all of evergrande’s guaranteed delivery projects will be completed within the year.Xu admitted that the task is arduous and fraught with difficulties.However, building protection is a major social livelihood issue involving tens of millions of owners, the importance of self-evident.In the resumption of the specific implementation measures, Xu Jiayin proposed to achieve efficiency standards, by the end of March, including northern cold areas, to achieve 80% to 90% of the building protection project comprehensive efficiency standards, normal construction.The total number of construction at the end of February to reach 100,000 people, in the middle of March to reach 200,000 people, at the end of March to reach 300,000 people, so as to ensure that before June 30 this year to pay 200,000 sets of floor, strive to pay 300,000 sets of floor, do more than half of the time, half of the floor.To return to work in the project level, February 6-8, the garden of nanjing area zhenjiang reputation peak rings with atrium and taixing bank cannes to “return to work the first time, propulsion engineering construction progress, ensure the quality of engineering” as the center, in order to “lead planning, execution, strong” as the spindle, successively orderly start each resume work work, become a leader in the garden after comprehensive resume work.According to the reporter, the current Olympic Park headquarters management and regional responsible for the post, the Olympic Park projects across the country will usher in the climax of the resumption of work.From February 16 to 20, the number of projects under the Olympic Park is expected to reach 86.By March 20, more than 130 Olympic Projects across the country had fully resumed operations.The same is true for pattern years.At present, all the management personnel of the Year of Pattern have returned to work, and key projects that have not been affected by the epidemic prevention and control have resumed work one after another, laying a solid foundation for the realization of the business goals of the first quarter, and will fully resume work in March as scheduled and at the same time.The Olympic Park also told the National Business Daily that the park’s senior executives actively stepped down to oversee the resumption of work after the New Year.On February 15th, Ma Jun, executive director and co-president of China Olympic Park Group, went to Guangzhou Olympic Park Hengji Academy No.1 for investigation and investigation, emphasizing safety production and guiding project promotion.On the basis of ensuring safe production and construction quality, he required to ensure the steady progress of project nodes throughout the country, so as to ensure high-quality and timely delivery of projects and lay a foundation for overall performance growth.At present, based on the actual situation of each project, combined with the development stage of the project and the specific situation of the construction unit, the regional companies of the Olympic Park will realize the “three-line” management of “general manager at the front line, operation chief stationed at the front line and project chief connected to the front line” from the actual situation, and solve and promote the resumption of work efficiently and quickly.”In the next step, the group will firmly implement the established plan together with all subsidiaries to ensure the realization of the ‘four guarantees’ (employees, people’s livelihood, delivery and stability) in 2022, and comprehensively build a safe foundation for the company’s development.”Pattern year respect told reporters.Daily Business News