Alternate winter and spring beware of facial paralysis

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After the start of Spring, many people can’t wait to replace their heavy winter clothes with light spring clothes.However, winter and spring, warm and cold, many people blow the cold wind unexpectedly after the mouth and eyes skewed, difficult to close their eyes, teeth leakage, eat and save food, appear the above situation, nine out of ten are suffering from facial paralysis.Facial paralysis not only affects appearance, but also affects daily life.Tangshan Traditional Chinese medicine hospital acupuncture and massage ward (rehabilitation three) Liu Weixing deputy director: “we usually say facial paralysis, most of the surrounding facial paralysis, Chinese medicine is also called mouth out, crooked mouth wind, wind, western medicine called facial neuritis, idiopathic surrounding facial paralysis.”The cause of facial paralysis facial nerve is in the facial position shallow and get along with pharynx ministry recently, easy to be affected by cool breeze or acute pharynx throat infection and cause disease.Facial paralysis has a close relationship with temperature changes, generally more in winter and spring alternate season;And the sudden cold wind in winter;Summer blowing more fans, air conditioning is also easy to cause disease.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the occurrence of facial paralysis mostly because of lack of positive qi, wei is not solid, and then feel the wind evil, or cold, heat or summer dampness and other evil, evil in the face yangming, less Yang meridians, camp wei, qi and blood obstruction, tendons and veins loss of nourishment, so that muscle relaxation does not close, leading to the onset of facial paralysis.Liu Weixing introduces the treatment of facial paralysis: on the treatment of facial paralysis, can dredge facial channels through acupuncture, facial massage, oral Chinese medicine dispel wind turn phlegm and stop spasmolysis, acute period can cooperate with the drug treatment of antiphlogistic, improve facial circulation, nutritional nerve.Facial health exercises for patients in the recovery period of facial paralysis: patients in front of the mirror for expression muscle training, in order to close their eyes, frown, drum cheeks, grinning teeth, from top to bottom each action 16 times, the whole process of 10 minutes or so, 3 times a day.Usually use gum on the affected side, pay attention to watch less TV, mobile phone and other attention to eye health.The prevention of facial paralysis pay attention to keep warm: winter and spring alternating temperature changes, to keep warm, do not wash your face with cold water, sleep at night to close the doors and Windows, avoid direct wind and cold.Combine work and rest: don’t stay up late, work and rest regularly to avoid fatigue.Exercise: to carry out proper physical exercise, enhance the body’s immunity.Emotional stability: keep the mood optimistic and stable, avoid excessive tension and anxiety.Liu Weixing reminds: peripheral sex facial paralysis is caused as a result of facial nerve pathological changes commonly, inchoate treatment is very important and key, once facial occurrence numbness waits for unwell to want early go to a doctor, lest delay illness.