Spiegel: Fabio carvalho will join Liverpool in the number 28 shirt

2022-05-08 0 By

Liverpool’s fabio carvalho is set to join the club this summer, with the Mirror analysing what shirt the talented player will choose.As well as aiming for multiple trophies this season, Liverpool are already preparing for next season, as evidenced by the signing of fulham youngster Fabio Carvalho.Carvalho has seven goals and seven assists in the Championship so far this season.As the dust settles on the transfer negotiations, the next question is what shirt he will wear at Anfield.He does not seem to have much choice, with numbers seven to 11 being the preferred numbers for attacking players, and although milner is out of contract at Number seven, Liverpool are understood to have offered him a contract extension.Even though the veteran veteran might leave, it would take a lot of courage to award such an iconic jersey as No. 7 to a 19-year-old.The following numbers are 16, 19, 24, 25 and 28.Carvalho currently wears the number 28 shirt at Fulham and is likely to continue with that number.Liverpool’s Number 28 shirt has a history of success and failure, worn by the likes of Danny Ince, Christian Poulsen and Damien Placis.Carvalho’s contract expires in the next few months and Liverpool will arrive at Anfield on 1 July after agreeing a payment of around £7.7m with fulham.Klopp wanted to seal the deal at the Winter window but unfortunately fell through at the final stage.Fulham boss Marco Silva said carvalho had not been affected by the collapse of the deal.He said: “Fabio is still happy.The next day I saw him with the same smile on his face.That’s the most important thing.We will keep him until the end of the season.It’s our decision, it’s the best we can do, and that’s the reality.”(view restoring)