The Roman Baths, starring Kenjiro Tsuda, will be released on March 28

2022-05-08 0 By

Netflix recently announced that according to yamazaki Masari’s manga of the same name adapted from the famous college animation “Roman Baths” will be exclusive online release on March 28, the leading role of Lucis has been confirmed by Tsuga Kenjiro, stay tuned.”The Roman Baths” is set in the time of Hadrian, the Five Good Emperors who lived there during the reign of Lucius Mudster (Hiro Abe), the designer of the baths.His prim personality and conservative design gradually fell behind The Times, and he eventually lost the job he loved.Luisi in a low mood in a friend’s invitation to the public bath bath for relaxation.But he accidentally travels through a time warp and ends up in a public bathhouse in 21st century Japan, leading to a series of hilarious stories.”Roman Baths” will be responsible for production by NAZ, director Core Tanteya tetsugi script Yuichiro, main role Rusis has been determined by Tsuga Kenjiro star, more detailed information will be publicly available, please look forward to follow-up reports.0 source: 3DM