Harry Potter’s Magical Awakening: The hogwarts Spring Festival is illuminated with lights and a full moon

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Old xin Chou year, welcome the new Renyin year.The Spring Festival holiday, which is about to end, is full of benefits and excitement.Beautiful new fashion “hazy lights”, powerful new legend cards, gorgeous Hogwards New Year’s Eve fireworks.Duelists and fashionistas alike are sure to have fun at Hogwarts.Like we put fireworks together the picture can be too happy!What other memories do the young wizards have of spending Chinese New Year at Hogwarts?Let’s share!Dormitories are probably the most familiar parts of Hogwarts.The young witches and wizards used to sit on the edge of the bed and chat with their roommates, or gather together to play and sing.The Slytherin boy wizard @Bingmokarjing left behind this routine but unusual scene.Best friends are sitting in bed talking, and hogwarts is stealing the spotlight.The sixth day of the year to send poor god, the little wizard quickly back up to smell good luck!My favorite memento of the New Year is gryffindor boy Wizard @Bald Future.The gryffindor room was yellow, which in itself gave the students a warm and bright feeling, but the festive atmosphere was enhanced by the full set of Spring Festival bedding, the lion’s head, the kite, and the fireworks.The wizard also wears the gryffindor lion’s head, as gryffindors must have done the lion dance at Hogwarts.There’s no fairy boy wizard like @Bikerkitty.The little wizard dyed the new fashion “Corridor Pick up dream” white, the huge and bright white jade set off in the back, there is a touch of jing Hong around, it is too fairy!Worthy of hogwarts’ little Chang ‘e!Let’s go to the moon and take the same photo!How can Chang ‘e get little rabbits?The new pet Moon Animal bears a strong resemblance to Chang ‘e’s jade Rabbit.Because of his tendency to stare at the moon wherever he goes, young wizards have nicknamed him “Wayfaring Beast.”The boy wizard @Zhanmian picked up the fireworks, and the moon beast was focused on staring at the moon.What a contrast!Such a cute moon animal, in the new homework oh.The little wizard spent the first spring Holiday in harry Potter mobile games, so lively and full, the god of wealth is also very happy, he has a lot of gifts waiting to be given!I wish you all good fortune and good luck for a whole year!