“Luzhou” Jiusan Society Luxian County Basic Level Committee to carry out love education activities

2022-05-09 0 By

On March 14th, Luo Xiaohua, vice chairman of Luxian Elementary Committee of Jiusan Society, led a team to luxian No. 2 Middle School to carry out the activity of supporting students with love, in order to encourage the poor students who are good at both character and learning to strengthen their determination and confidence to change their fate with knowledge, help their families to reduce their study burden and create a good atmosphere of focusing on education.Aid-receiving students in the activity, the teacher in charge WeiZhengJun aid-receiving students to introduce the basic situation, vice chair of xiao-hua luo and membership supervisor serious students to understand the family situation and difficult problems existing in the learning, encourage students to try to overcome all the difficulties at present, concentrate on learning, you passed the ideal university, with excellent results with their own efforts to create a better life in the future.Later, Luo xiaohua, on behalf of the Bas-level Committee of Luxian County, presented a grant of 5,000 YUAN to the student, saying that the bas-level Committee of Luxian County would be obliged to help him finish his studies smoothly and realize his dream.Has long been the jiusan society lugu county committee attaches great importance to the education career development and at the grass-roots level on the healthy growth of body and mind, adolescents for many years with love student, conducting lectures, health clinics, free sports equipment and a variety of ways to the county primary and secondary schools, vocational schools to send more knowledge and services, has for three consecutive years lugu county one difficulty in funding students until it successfully admitted to the ideal university.Luxian Grass-roots Committee will continue to carry out the activities of supporting students with love, and help the poor high school students who are good in character and learning to successfully complete their three-year high school studies, realize their dream of university, and become useful talents for the society and the country.(Liu Jiyao, Basic-level Committee of Luxian County, Jiusan Society)