Urumqi fire into the campus in the opening season

2022-05-09 0 By

The new school season is coming, the city’s fire department into the city of more than 200 primary and secondary schools to carry out fire safety inspection, the integrity of the fire equipment to confirm the fire access to keep unblocked, to ensure the campus fire safety.In the city of the 38th primary school, fire supervisors focus on the school’s fire control room, fire equipment, evacuation channels, safety exits and other places to check, eliminate safety risks.Han Hui, the third-level commander of Urumqi Fire rescue Detachment water District Brigade, was in the fire fighting experience classroom of the school. Teachers and fire prevention supervisors carried out fire safety knowledge popularization according to the characteristics of students of different grades and did a good job in the “first lesson of school” fire safety common sense education.City 38 primary school teacher Zhao Ying city 38 primary school party branch deputy secretary principal Wang Yating reporter Song Chunxue reports