105 weibo accounts of foreign embassies were taken down after they posted comments on the weibo account of foreign embassies that provoked war and confrontation

2022-05-10 0 By

Weibo administrator: Recently, the international situation has aroused hot discussion among netizens.According to users’ reports and investigations, the station found that a very few netizens posted offensive and abusive remarks, hatred, war and other undesirable comments on the weibo of foreign embassies. The station firmly opposed and resolutely dealt with them.According to the Weibo Community Convention and other relevant provisions, the station dealt with 622 items of attack, abuse, war and opposition, etc., and banned the speech of 105 illegal accounts for 7 days or closed them according to the degree.In today’s international world, everyone’s words and deeds represent the national image to a certain extent, and we also have the responsibility and obligation to maintain a good social environment.In this, the station appealed to the majority of netizens, while participating in the hot discussion, to be friendly, objective attitude of rational speech, with practical action to show the pattern of civilized self-confidence style.Source: @weibo Administrator process editor: TF065