Aaron Kwok’s wife did not plastic surgery, high exposure to junior high school documents, is suspected by netizens P figure

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Since Fang Yuan married Aaron Kwok, she has been caught in the center of public opinion, especially in her appearance, which is often questioned by netizens, believing that she has been artificially altered.Recently, Fang yuan posted a photo of herself in her prime, with the caption: “I look like before.”Suspected response to the online storm, to prove that he did not have plastic surgery.In addition, Fang yuan posted a picture of herself now as a comparison.On the left is an old photo of Fang Yuan in her student days, wearing two ponytails and a turtleneck sweater, the whole person is very green.At this time of fang Yuan has come to a comely beautiful, delicate features, high bridge of the nose, a pair of eyes very clever.And contrast now fang Yuan, look from the facial features alone, there is really no much change.Fang yuan revealed that the photo was taken in junior high school, when the sun was very bright, so it looked a little frown.See this piece of green junior high school certificate photo, on whether Fang Yuan plastic surgery topic, once again triggered hot discussion.Some netizens said Fang yuan was very smart and beautiful before and had no plastic surgery, but others thought her eyes had grown bigger.The plastic surgery topic did not end, then someone suspected that she P.In the old photos, Fang yuan was still a student, but her eyebrows were so perfectly manicured that they seemed unreal.Fang Yuan is teased by everyone all the time, because she is before marrying Guo Fucheng, the net breaks out a lot of black material.Earlier years Fang Yuan had participated in the dating program, no matter the figure proportion or appearance level facial features, and now there is a certain gap.At that time, Fang Yuan had a small round face, with fleshy left and right sides and a wider nose, which aroused suspicion.Of course, female big 18 change more change more beautiful, present Square yuan is in style, makeup hair, modelling has change, perhaps this also is to let everybody feel and one of the reasons with big gap before.However, for the discussion of the comment area in full swing, Fang Yuan did not care about it, did not reply to the net friend, after becoming the king of heaven’s sister-in-law, her every move is very cautious.And, Fang Yuan can obtain guo Fucheng’s love, have her superhuman place for certain.No matter before experience how, present Fang Yuan is turned over thoroughly, be together with Guo Fucheng, living the rich day of fame and fortune, no problem ground “lie win” life.