A Harvard graduate returned to China for 3 years without marriage. His mother was so anxious that she couldn’t sleep

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Hu’s son graduated from Harvard three years ago, then he returned to China, founded his company and became a successful elite man.In order to succeed in his career, the handsome and capable man has no intention of finding a girlfriend, which infuriates Hu.Many times and son theory, but the son is not persuaded, Ms. Hu is very anxious and irritable, can not sleep for a night.So, is marriage that important?How should parents handle such conflicts?When she talked about her son in front of others, Ms. Hu was very proud.Her son is not only highly educated, or the president of a listed company, 1.8 meters tall, looks outstanding.Since her son returned to China, Ms. Hu began to worry about his marriage. She hoped that her son would put his career on hold and spare time to find a partner, so as to get married as soon as possible, so that she could realize this wish and enjoy his retirement as soon as possible.However, when Hu and her son talk about dating, he often refuses to communicate with his mother, saying “career comes first”, which makes Hu feel frustrated.In fact, she wanted her son to get married as soon as possible because she felt it was time for him to settle down and settle down.However, when will the problem of being single be resolved?But her son and Ms. Hu thought differently.He believes in “settling down before settling down”.Therefore, he is not in a hurry to get married, although his mother has been urging him to find a partner since he returned home, but he did not take it to heart.He spends so much time in the company that he has no time to think about anything else.Ms. Hu sincerely hoped that her son would solve the problem of being single, so when her son rejected her again and again, Ms. Hu began to feel anxious and unstable, and often couldn’t sleep normally.Whenever Ms. Hu thought that her son was so old and still not married, she would toss and turn in sleep and almost fall apart.After all, it is an elderly person, And Ms. Hu’s anxiety and boredom not only makes her sleep well, but also makes her body state begin to go “downhill”, for which Ms. Hu is very distressed.To avoid a bigger problem, Ms. Hu went to the hospital to consult with a neurologist to find a way to relieve her symptoms.After knowing the reason why Ms. Hu couldn’t sleep, the attending physician of neurology thought that Ms. Hu’s insomnia was mainly because her son didn’t get married late, which made her feel anxious.When people are anxious, mood fluctuations will be larger, so it is not easy to fall asleep.Doctors said Hu must learn to “let go” herself to avoid exacerbating her condition if she is to return to normal sleep.Hearing the doctor’s advice, Ms. Hu mused.She said she would learn to relax and not let her son’s problems bother her.Which is more important, marriage or career?In their parents’ opinion, people in their 20s and 30s should put marriage first and having a family will lead to a better career.For young people, having a home without a career means nothing to rely on.In addition, the 20s and 30s are the “golden age” for entrepreneurship, so they are more repulsive to their parents urging marriage, and even will fight against it.If this happens, parents should learn to adjust their attitude and not bring unhappiness to family life because of urging marriage.So, which is more important, marriage or career?Marriage and career are two important things in life, both of which are more important than each other.Which one to choose depends on personal choice and stage of life.Generally speaking, career-minded people will achieve their career first and then start a family.People who value their married life put their marital status first.So, whether it’s career or marriage, it’s ok.As long as you like it.But if children and parents in the choice of “career” and “marriage” dispute, most of the contradictions can not be reconciled and let the family life and parent-child relationship into a deadlock.In this case, both parties need to step back or sit down and negotiate rather than complaining or rejecting each other, which can make things worse.For Ms. Hu, the success of her son’s career did not ease her anxiety and insecurity.After all, the son is getting older and it’s time to get married and start a family.But his heart is all on his career, even though Ms. Hu repeatedly urged him, he has no intention of finding a partner, which makes Ms. Hu emotional depression, insomnia and anxiety symptoms.In fact, Ms. Hu has negotiated with her son for many times, and she should already know his choice and idea.If she blindly asks her son to put down his career and get married, it will only affect the parent-child relationship and cannot fundamentally solve the problem.So instead, “let go” and let your son make his own choices.This can not only relieve Ms. Hu’s insomnia problem, but also make her son in a better state to develop his career. It is worth a try.