TVB actor Kwok Jin ‘an took part in the event, smiling in front of the camera photo, looks the same

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, Guo Jin ‘an participated in the new work of the startup ceremony, Guo Jin ‘an is TVB one of the queen, usually very low-key he, rarely appeared in front of the public, the emergence of a lot of people are excited, Guo Jin ‘an looks a lot older than before.In the picture, Guo Jin ‘an has long bangs, a small face, a dark complexion and a high nose. He is wearing clothes from the TV series and a white coat. He is smiling, but he is much thinner.Guo Jin ‘an is TVB popular actor in the outstanding, due to work low-key, usually rarely attend any occasions, but every TVB big production, there will be Guo Jin ‘an, can be said to be TVB’s first-line male star, Guo Jin ‘an in the new play shooting, is also seated C, prominent identity.Guo Jin ‘an usually in addition to filming, there are not too many things, usually open their own shop, although very low-key, but very rich.Some time ago, the media photographed Guo Jin ‘an before the Spring Festival, bought a bunch of flowers for home, very casual, not like a star, but his appearance, but a little less poise, a little more serious.This feeling, in the recent several films can be seen, in addition to more and more wrinkles, Guo Jin ‘an’s personality has also undergone a great change, from this point, he rarely went to play those humorous TV series, because he knows that the appearance of an actor is very important.Guo Jin ‘an can be said to be one of the few late TVB actors who can support the leading role in movies, but few people know that Guo Jin ‘an started acting in 1986, until 2003, “Stupid Jackie chan” was well known, is a late achiever.Guo jin ‘an, the villain, is also known as the “Little boy with a thousand faces” in addition to his familiar funny roles.Now 57 years old, And TVB three film actor Lai Yiu cheung is the same age, they are similar in age, family background is similar, but Guo Jin an in TVB, Lai Yiu Cheung in the mainland work, so the two people do not have too much comparison.At the age of 57, Guo Jin ‘an is still able to calmly choose various types of actors and concentrate on acting. He has gained a good reputation for his excellent acting. I believe guo Jin ‘an will bring us more wonderful works in the future.