These two letters written by Chairman MAO to Deng Xiaoping are rare and well worth reading because of their very different styles

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Chairman MAO’s letter to Deng Xiaoping was actually an original telegram.Comrade Xiaoping: Have you seen Zhang Zongxun’s telegram of January 9? He proposes to send a detachment of Qinghai cavalry with 750 men and 1,000 horses, carrying provisions for one and a half months, to join the 18th Army in entering Tibet…The following content asks the friend to read by oneself, very meaningful!This manuscript, the calligraphy is also very individual, should be appreciated.The chapter has the change extremely, although is a letter, but the weather is myriad, has the hotspot very much!In this letter for instance, the weight contrast with ink, plus the mark that besmear changes, have a kind of visual wallop, it is optional for it, unluckily however casual, wrote wonderful interest.Looking at this letter, I seem to see yan Lu Gong’s Manuscript on sacrificing to his nephew.Let’s look at a short message, which is written by Chairman MAO to Ren Bishi and Deng Xiaoping. It is a short message in the anti-japanese period of 37 years.The gist of the letter was: Helen, an American journalist.Snow is going to the battlefield for reporting. Please ask comrades Ren and Deng to help and take care of him.This letter was shorter, just a few words.When he was writing, he had no intention of calligraphy. He was doing it at will. After a few words, he immediately stopped abruptly, from which we can see that the chairman was busy with his work and in a hurry.These two manuscripts, short words deep meaning, can highlight the history of that time!The first one studied how to liberate Tibet, and the second one asked Comrades Liu And Deng to take good care of the journalists who went to the battlefield.All in all, these two messages are of great historical value, making people feel as if they had gone back to that turbulent era!