The homeless woman “settled” in the police station for 19 days

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During the epidemic, Yuzhou City public Security Bureau mill Street police station this thing to do too “too” perfect, xiaobian really could not help but put this thing to “exposure”.As law enforcement agencies, they actually let a stray arrangements to live in the police station, live in the police station do not say, but also take care of her every day, take care of her three days five days on the line, also has been taking care of the nineteen days……January 5, 2022, Yuzhou, a few days ago the outbreak of the epidemic, so that the central Plains of the town suddenly tense up.At 8 o ‘clock that morning, mill street police station received a public alarm said: in Yuzhou city mill street township Qingshanling village duty card point there is a homeless woman in need of assistance.After receiving the police, deputy director Li Wuxing quickly led the civilian auxiliary police on duty rushed to the scene.At the scene, I saw a woman in her 50s, dressed in rags, standing shivering in the snow.Police hurriedly find cotton-padded clothes for its shelter.Upon inquiry, the police found that the woman was in a trance and could not express her home address and contact information.Considering the actual situation of the spread of the epidemic and bad weather, the police decided to take him back to the house first and then help him look for his family.Back to the police station, the police have not found the woman’s home address and family after searching and inquiring.It is late, the police in take good care of the woman’s life at the same time, while the yuzhou civil Affairs bureau rescue station staff contact, that Yuzhou rescue station belongs to the high risk containment area, in accordance with the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, can not serve the woman rescue station.In order to ensure the woman’s personal safety, Li Wuxing reported to director Fan Ziqiang, we decided unanimously, special period, let the woman live in the house.The police specially vacated a room, and found bedding and cotton-padded clothes, arranged on duty civilian auxiliary police, cooks and other people take turns to take care of the woman’s daily life.Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, every time the police went for nucleic acid tests, they would take the woman with them.During her stay at the police station, the woman’s mental condition was not very good, and she often had fits of illness, Shouting and not speaking, and the tendency to attack others.Director Fan Ziqiang arranged the police to drive to Yuzhou city hospital psychiatry to buy drugs to control their condition, to take care of the woman.Time to the morning of January 23, 2022, the woman lived in the police station for 19 days, the police after multiple inquiries and inquiries, finally found that the woman’s name is Zhou Mou Hong (Sichuan), the current address is Pengtai Village, Wenshu Town, Yuzhou City, through telephone contact with her husband, her husband was working outside the immediate return.Subsequently, director Fan Ziqiang through yuzhou rescue station to coordinate the Government of Manshu Town and pengtai village cadres communication, in the afternoon of the same day, the snow will be sent to the woman wenshu town Pengtai village epidemic duty card point and pay the village cadres for proper resettlement.It is reported that during the epidemic prevention and control, all the auxiliary police of Mojie police Station went against the tide, bravely took on the burden, went all out, pooled strength, united as one, and took practical actions to ensure the social stability of the area and the people’s life and health safety.Thumbs up for the police!The police working day and night say: you were laborious!