Just on the highway stop dry “this”, fine 200 yuan, remember 6 minutes!

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Recently a truck in qingdao-yinchuan expressway Xia Jin security checkpoint had just accept the security check then get on the highway just parked off to solve the “bursting” happened to be on the road patrol police touched red-handed at about 16 PM on February 16, Texas high-speed traffic police is going to hit the road patrol, the five brigade police just a Xia Jin security checkpoint,I saw a truck parked in the emergency lane on the side of the highway, and a man was preparing to urinate.It was a dangerous situation as a torrent of cars streamed out of the checkpoint, parked on the side of the road without warning signs.The police immediately do a good job of security after the parking inquiry.”There is a toilet at the checkpoint. Why stop to urinate just after the checkpoint?Or in the exit, other vehicles avoid you have an accident how to do ah?”In the face of the police’s inquiry, the driver squeaked and whimpered, actually said that the checkpoint did not let the parking, in order to put off the police.”Who said you can’t stop at the checkpoint? A lot of cars stop for inspection. There are toilets on the north and south.”The driver was speechless at the police’s explanation.Subsequently, the police carried out a serious criticism of the education, and in accordance with the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” to its driving license 6 points, a fine of 200 yuan.Danger!Highway graphics are convenient, but where is safety awareness?Expressway emergency lane is life channel is specifically for engineering emergency, fire rescue, medical and rescue and police enforcement emergency vehicles in emergency affairs such as official business use vehicles prohibited entering any society or in a variety of reasons to stay within the lane Texas high-speed traffic police again on the highway if inside nasty should be pulled into the service area (average highway 40 kilometers there is a suitService area) in the emergency lane at will parking on the member, urination, etc., is very easy to cause traffic accidents accidents or vehicle failure to remember: the car pull over, evacuation, namely the alarm, please drivers strictly abide by the laws and regulations do not figure out the convenience of life safety in disregard!Production material of Texas High Speed traffic police material of Texas high speed traffic police five brigade