Job Story: Sophomore writing project, completed online in 16 days, Shaanxi college student was employed by the World top 500

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How can we successfully receive offers from famous companies?Wang Jie, a 2018 undergraduate from Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications, answered with a clear goal and firm action.From the first year of college to the second year of his own project writing, from making a clear plan to successfully getting the offer of Bytedance, Wang Jie has achieved a lot upon graduation.Perseverance is the best interpretation of him. Today, let’s unlock wang Jie’s “success password” — Wang Jie, a 2018 student of Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications majoring in Network engineering, joined THE West Post Wisdom Post Universal Creation Studio during his school years.I helped the school write the most beautiful teacher voting system in the enterprise wechat.I have received the offer from Bytedance.Just entering university, Wang Jie, like all college students, keeps novelty to the things he sees and looks forward to the future.Eager to try, wang Jie tried a lot of things in his freshman year to explore his own boundaries.He participated in the school radio station, art group, psychological counseling station, student union and other organizations, but also joined the laboratory, interview to be the next class assistant.Various experiences make life wonderful, but also lead to wang Jie extremely busy, the dormitory almost only undertake his task of sleeping at night.In less than a year, Wang Jie lost more than 20 catties, but fortunately he insisted on down.Wang Jie is very proud that no matter in which place, which role, he has done his duty, do “have a clear conscience”.At the beginning of the second semester of his freshman year, Wang Jie put all his attention and focus on the front end of learning, and successfully joined the smart Post Studio of the school through his own efforts.He admitted that he could think clearly about his shortcomings, what he needed most and pay more attention to his own improvement here.When wang’s theoretical knowledge was enough to support his project, he began to plan for the future.In the winter vacation of sophomore year, Wang Jie began to write the first project blog community, which took 16 days from development to online.During the epidemic at home, Wang Jie and his classmates in the studio took part in a small program competition initiated by Alipay. Finally, they wrote a complete campus forum using alipay small program.In addition, Wang and other university teams made a small wechat program for Meituan to run errands in a campus setting.Before returning to school, Wang jie helped the school write the most beautiful teacher voting system in the enterprise wechat, and also updated a new recruitment system based on the enterprise wechat.With sufficient preparation in the early stage, Wang jie had a clear direction in the interview, and he successfully received the offer from Bytedance upon graduation.Wang says he follows three principles during interviews: “Technical knowledge is not built overnight,” “Be responsible for every word you put on your resume,” and “use the most efficient method.”Pressure and opportunities always coexist, when overcome the immediate difficulties, often can get different harvest.In the days of studying and living in WEST Post, Wang Jie not only learned knowledge, but also exercised his character.May he continue to be an explorer of life and live a wonderful life of his own!Follow “Xi ‘an University of Posts and Telecommunications Undergraduate Enrollment” for more exciting information!This article material source: Small post