Manzhouli Federation of Trade Unions visited epidemic prevention and control workers, quarantine workers and medical staff

2022-05-14 0 By

Zhonggong net news recently, federation of trade unions in Inner Mongolia, manzhouli town condolences group respectively to bayonet city port closed loop management, staff in the port areas concentrated isolation point to stick to a line of epidemic prevention and control workers, isolation workers and southern district hospital medical staff to carry out sympathy activities, a total of 504 people sent to instant noodles, milk, hot food, beverage, sausage, etc. Supplies nearly 20000 yuan.At each place they visited, the condolence team learned about the epidemic prevention and control situation and the living conditions of those on duty and quarantined, and thanked them for their contributions to epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, we must continue to strictly comply with the requirements of the authorities and the Municipal Committee of the CPC, tighten responsibility, focus on the “three lines of defense”, focus on the four elements of human, physical, vehicle and environment, strengthen the supervision of epidemic prevention and control at ports, and strictly check the checkpoint in the fenced area, so as to avoid dead spots, loopholes and eliminate hidden dangers.During the epidemic period, manzhouli Federation of Trade Unions carried out special condolation activities in combination with different needs of key links and key personnel, timely transmitted the care of the Party and the government to the staff and workers, gave full play to the duties of trade unions to organize services and care for workers, and contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Manzhouli city.(liu)