Strong and vigorous in the spring sunshine

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Workers assemble at a workshop of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Co., LTD., Feb. 3, 2019.Reporter Shen Dongxin on February 3, the Spring Festival, Baoji Qishan county of the auto industry production line is still busy, a steady economic growth symphony played here.Workers are assembling at the assembly workshop of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Company.In 2021, facing the impact of the epidemic, Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Company accurately grasped the market demand, timely adjusted the product structure, and produced 38,608 vehicles in total, achieving an output value of 10.5 billion yuan, contributing to the high-quality development of automobile and parts industry.Recently, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the company has been busy with production at full speed, striving for a “good start” in the New Year.It is understood that in recent years, Qishan county to strengthen the automobile and parts industry can increase production, continue to enhance the county economic development strength.Up to now, the output of vehicle enterprises has exceeded 40,000 units, and the output value of automobile and parts industry has reached 25.14 billion yuan, which is a good start of the “14th Five-year Plan”.In caijiapo Economic development Zone, the “main battlefield” of automobile industry development, there have been 34 key projects such as Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle, Hande Automobile Bridge, Faster Intelligent Factory, Huaqiang Auto parts Industrial Base and so on, which are expected to increase the output value of more than 8.5 billion yuan this year.Walking into the workshop of Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., LTD., I saw the entrance neatly stacked finished products, waiting to be loaded and sent.In the workshops, production line workers work overtime to meet orders.Guo Yuwei, assistant to the general manager of Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., LTD., said seizing opportunities is the premise of steady growth, and “smart manufacturing” has helped enterprises a lot.Facing the impact of the epidemic and the new round of in-depth adjustment of the heavy truck industry, Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd. has launched a series of reform measures to ensure steady growth.”Exports doubled in the first three quarters of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.In addition, we focused on the mining vehicle sector with a high market share, deployed assembly plans, coordinated operations, and increased production and sales by 54% year-on-year, effectively ensuring market demand.”Guo Yuwei said.Qishan County Caijiapo Economic development Zone to increase investment, support enterprises to increase production and expand capacity, to extend the chain to strengthen the chain, promote the auto industry bigger and stronger.Shaanxi Auto Group frame production base construction project with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of about 180 mu, invested and constructed by Shaanxi Kone Company, shaanxi Auto Holding “14th five-year plan” key construction project and “Qin Chuangyuan” (Baoji) innovation promotion center project.The project will build a new plant of 25,000 square meters, add 5 full-process automatic production lines such as punching and cutting integrated automation, and synchronously build power stations, sewage treatment stations and other public supporting facilities to achieve low-carbon, flexible and intelligent production.”After the completion of the project, the annual output value is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan and more than 200 new jobs will be created.”The relevant person in charge of Caijiapo Economic development Zone said that they would provide all-round and whole-process services, actively solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction, and promote the rapid and orderly progress of the project construction, and smooth completion and operation.On January 31, G541 Ankang Ziyang Heping Hanjiang Bridge lit up the scene.More than 50 construction workers of China Railway No. 15 Bureau stick to their posts and speed up the construction.Ziyang Heping Hanjiang Bridge, as a control project for the reconstruction and expansion of ziyang section of 541 National Highway, spans the Han River with high quality target and tight schedule.The location of the water depth is 40 meters, the project geological conditions are poor, deep water large span technical requirements are high, the construction is difficult.Under the condition that flood season affects construction for many times, the pressure of project construction period is increasing day by day.In order to rush the progress, guarantee the construction period, all the participating personnel gave up the Spring Festival rest, 24 hours of construction in groups, the site showed a school of rush to catch up with the dry situation.Li Zhaofu, party secretary of the project department, will turn 59 in a few days.As an old railway soldier, he decided a month ago not to go home for the Spring Festival and stuck to the railway lines.He led the team on duty, not only to run in the site, but also to do logistics support work, told the chef to carefully arrange delicious meals every day, to ensure the food of the frontline staff.He said it was the first “reunion” without his family in more than 30 years, but they understood and supported his decision.Liu Jinlong, a 30-year-old engineering minister, has been urged by his family to get married for more than a year.He finally set a wedding date, but faced with the call of the project “Spring Festival is not closed”, he changed the wedding date and chose to stick to it.He said that China Railway Construction workers who have experienced the flood season know how rare good weather is, and the wedding date can be adjusted, but the good construction season will not be missed.The south bank steel trestle construction platform was destroyed by a flood in September 2021, and pontoon has been used for construction since then, which has added difficulty to the safe production of the project.To this end, the project department will list the “operation list” every day during the Spring Festival, implement the “group management and group control”, mobilize on-site personnel to pay attention to the “safety and quality matters”, everyone as “safety and quality staff”.From increasing on-site publicity, holding special meetings, organizing safety training at all levels, carrying out special inspections, to emergency drills, multiple measures to grasp the implementation of safety, the project department keeps the bottom line of safety does not relax, always tighten the string of safety quality.At present, heping Han River bridge, like a dragon, is “swimming” to the other side.It is reported that after the completion of the project, the 541 national Road within Ziyang will be fully connected, greatly improving ziyang county traffic network environment, fundamentally protect the people along the river safe and convenient travel, to create the Han River economic tourism belt to provide a solid traffic guarantee.(Reporter Zhang Binfeng, Correspondent MAO Ling) During the Spring Festival, Xi ‘an ZHONGxing Communication Terminal Technology Co., LTD., through the way of employees take turns to rest, so as to achieve uninterrupted production.On February 2, fengchu (Xingping) Food Co., Ltd. project construction site, machines roar.Wearing masks, workers are busy with their work. Everything seems to be no different from the past, except the red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets hanging around the site and the Chinese character “Fu” to indicate that the Lunar New Year has arrived.February 2, Feng Kitchen (Xingping) Food Co., LTD. Project construction site, Wang Shujuan busy work.The project is a key construction project in Xianyang City, divided into 4 phases.The first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation by the end of June.In order to finish the project on time, more than 130 workers chose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.Among them were Zhao Junliang and Wang Shujuan, a husband and wife from Anyang, Henan Province.One of them was responsible for water and electricity installation, the other for cutting and polishing the boom.When the reporter saw Wang Shujuan, she was busy in front of the machine overflowing with sparks.”This year is the first time that my wife and I will spend Chinese New Year away from home.These days to see the red lanterns, especially homesick, miss the two children, really want to return to them as soon as possible.The project manager is very concerned about us and often tells us to call or greet our families via video.””Today is my grandfather’s 80th birthday. Unfortunately, we can’t celebrate his birthday in person.When the project is finished, we must go back and make up a birthday for grandpa.”In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control and ensure the progress of project construction, the project responded to the government’s call to celebrate the Spring Festival in place, and provided additional subsidies to workers who stayed on post.On New Year’s Eve, each worker also received a sumptuous New Year’s gift package.”Most of the workers in our project came from other provinces. In order to finish the project on time, everyone was very helpful. About 70 percent of them chose to celebrate the Spring Festival there.We have also made elaborate arrangements for food, accommodation and other aspects, and have done our best to provide logistical support, so that people in foreign places can feel at ease during the Spring Festival.””Said Zhang Yifei, manager of the project’s engineering department.Although the distance between the construction site and his home is only more than 30 kilometers, Kang Bin from small towns in Wugong County also chose to stay at the construction site.Kang Bin, 50, is mainly responsible for installing fire-fighting equipment at the site.”I would have liked to go home, but I have dozens of workers in my charge and I have to set an example for them at critical moments.Recently, the canteen has changed every day to prepare food for everyone, and also provides a variety of fruit feast.We all feel warm in our hearts.””Although we can’t go back home for a reunion, it’s good to take the opportunity to earn more money,” kang said with a smile.It is reported that the project will be completed for Xi ‘an and Xianyang city to provide bread, eggs and other food and seasoning distribution services, to promote employment, and further promote the development of the local catering industry.(Reporter Yang Xiaoling)