Korean workers how to find a good job

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1, in the case of choosing a job, be sure to try to do a period of time to have a certain feeling of this job.2, carefully consider the daily life is not their own fragments of time, and then according to their own time to allocate, decide their own work on time or long-term work, short-term work, choose one of the most suitable for their own work.3, work address near home is the best, unless you are working very well, otherwise should as far as possible choose stay close to home work 4, given the clear how much a month to earn money, because you want on the basis of this work to choose two, type 1, Korean social development there are a lot of provincial remedial class above, foreign language classes,Chinese has risen to become the most popular foreign language after English, so many Chinese teachers are required.The salary is also good, with more than one million won per month.(daily working time 5-6 hours) 2, must have a certain Korean foundation, master all levels of professional knowledge of Korea, to travel agency as a part-time tour guide, rich income.Especially the World Cup football match, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, a lot of visitors to improve, the match may, only the mainland will have tens of thousands of people to watch, so the Chinese scenic spot commentator is in short supply.3, every week to teach 2 classes, 1 hour each time, to students at home or a specific location to teach, such as 2-3 tutor, can pay for the entire cost of studying abroad life.As a tutor, students have no pressure, easy to lecture, free control of time, income is quite rich, and can ensure that there is enough time for study, it is the best choice for work-study.4. During the vacation, I will work in the overseas department of the enterprise for a period of time. On the one hand, I can get a relatively stable income, and on the other hand, I can grasp the basic operation of Korean agents and the daily life of salaried people.The monthly income is usually 1 million won.5. Advantages of working in a restaurant: friends who can find help to do the work, there are songs in the working place, it is easier to work and there are more opportunities to eat delicious food than in other places. Disadvantages: Due to the frequent standing, energy consumption, service projects for several people, usually bother to pay low salary.To learn more