Manchester United draw, Cristiano Ronaldo minimum points, good times over?

2022-05-16 0 By

English Premier League round 25, Manchester United host Southampton.United desperately needed a win to turn things around after their last draw with Burnley and exit from the FA Cup.Is the service, United out of the strongest line-up: goalkeeper: De Gea, defence: Darote, Varane, Maguire, Shaw, midfield: McTominay, Pogba, midfield line: B Fee, Sancho, Rashford single arrow: Ronaldo this line-up, the defence has height and speed, the only weakness is Maguire’s turn.The only thing to worry about is boba’s attitude on the back.Midfielders B Fesanjo Rush, absolutely the best player in football at the moment, fesanjo forward and tandem, sancho and Rush on the side using speed impact, perfect!Ronaldo as a single arrow, speed and nose in front of the goal has been proved countless times in the past, no problem!The only question is whether, at 37, Ronaldo still has his old grip.At the start of the game, Ronaldo had a great chance and his shot was cleared by his opponent’s goal line.Rush then relied on his personal speed and skill to set up Sancho, who scored with ease.Pogba then scored but was offside first.Southampton struck back in the second half and levelled with a low shot from Che Adams.Obviously United are not good at the back, especially when attacked on the counter attack and eaten raw!The two sides exchanged attacks but failed to score, most controversially when Maguire stamped on his opponent in the final moments.Manchester United’s central defenders were discomfited as they were held to a draw at home by Southampton.Throughout the game, United’s defensive line is unreliable, Ronaldo’s single arrow is no longer brave, after the game, Ronaldo was hit the lowest point of the game, Ronaldo’s slump shows, the good times are over!