Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Do not travel to high-risk areas during the Qingming Holiday

2022-05-16 0 By

Tao Yuan: On March 30, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a regular press conference for the first quarter of 2022.At the meeting, Li Xiaoyong, deputy director of the Department of Market Management of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, reminded tourists who will travel during the Qingming Festival holiday: pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation and changes in medium-high risk areas, and do not travel to medium-high risk areas.At the same time, we should fully understand and consciously observe the prevention and control requirements such as health code inspection, temperature measurement, standard wearing of masks, and wash hands and ventilate frequently to form the good habit of “one meter noodle”.Stop visiting and seek medical advice in case of cough or fever.It is reported that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has recently issued the Notice on Epidemic Prevention and control in the Cultural and Tourism Industries and the Notice on The Market for Cultural and Tourism Holidays in Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Day and Dragon Boat Festival in 2022, to make detailed arrangements for epidemic prevention and control in the industry.Specific measures include: first, strictly implement the requirements of “limit, reservation and peak shifting” in tourist attractions, scan codes before entering scenic spots, take temperature measurements, and wear masks throughout the whole journey.Second, public libraries, theaters, Internet service venues and entertainment venues should move the epidemic prevention and control threshold forward, strengthen health monitoring and management of employees, and do a good job in ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of business venues.Third, the “circuit breaker” mechanism of inter-provincial tourism operation will be strictly implemented, and the business of “air ticket + hotel” will not be resumed temporarily for travel agencies and online tourism enterprises.Fourth, comprehensive law enforcement agencies of cultural markets at all levels continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, and consolidate the responsibility of cultural and tourism operators for epidemic prevention and control.Li xiaoyong said that tourists are both participants in epidemic prevention and control and beneficiaries of safe and orderly tourism activities.The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued timely tips on epidemic prevention and control and tourism safety through various channels, including the portal website and new government media platforms, to remind tourists to enhance their awareness of epidemic prevention and control, follow the situation of the epidemic, and travel safely and rationally.Cultural and tourism business units and venues have also publicized epidemic prevention and control knowledge by setting up warning boards and broadcasting propaganda videos to guide the public to consciously abide by epidemic prevention and control regulations.Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Do not travel to medium-high risk areas during the Qingming Holiday