China has more than 200 million flexible employment people, their social security problem how to solve?

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China’s flexible employment personnel has broken through 200 million people, how to solve their social security problem?This is actually a very good question, as the total number of people in flexible employment increases, the number of people doing some kind of freelance work will indeed increase.And they do not have fixed working unit, also did not establish full-time labor contract with any working unit, say to be called to be freelancer so, also can be called to be flexible obtain employment personnel.Because they do not have a work unit, they are not able to pay social security through the main work unit.So there are a lot of individuals who have flexible employment, even though they say they are nominally doing some temporary work, or they have a nominally stable job.But actually there is no social security.May be in young people’s eyes, social security for their own is irrelevant, they have a work-related injury insurance is enough.But in fact for you now, may now be relatively young, do not feel any problems.But any one of us, there is a young time, is also old to this day.When you really old to reach the normal legal retirement age, see their side of some of the same age old people can get pensions by the month, but you just can’t get, then if you want to regret, in fact, it is too late, there is no way to remedy.Therefore, we should pay attention to the problem of social security when we are young. Although we are flexible workers, we can still participate in social security.We can choose to set up social security payment for flexible employment in the place where we have registered permanent residence, or in the social security department where we have lived for a long time. We can pay for employee endowment insurance and employee medical insurance.In this way, employees in enterprises and institutions are the same, and can eventually enjoy a monthly pension treatment.And the longer you contribute to Social Security, the higher your retirement income will be.Therefore, we should complete the establishment of the corresponding social security account at an earlier age, and then pay social security normally every year.The younger you are, the more years you will be able to accumulate contributions in the future.At the same time, the level of pension benefits will be higher.In fact, many flexible workers, he may not understand this aspect of the truth.But with the spread of social security knowledge, the total number of flexible employment is increasing.I believe there will be more flexible workers who will participate in social Security.In the future, they will be able to enjoy the treatment of the pension normally, enjoy their old support, old support.However, flexible employment is required to be independent, full participation in all the amount of payment, and the proportion of payment.Because there is no work unit of the subject can only undertake themselves.Relative to the on-the-job personnel in enterprises and institutions, their cost may be higher, even if it is to choose the lowest standard every year, probably need to bear more than 10,000 yuan of fees.But what we need to explain here is that the 10,000 yuan will ultimately benefit you. It is not a simple consumption, so there is no need for us to tangle whether we should spend the 10,000 yuan or not, but we must let ourselves participate in a social security.Thank you for reading and talking about retirement knowledge every day. I focus on social security and retirement. If you like my article, you can add my attention.# how many people’s pension is their own full contribution ## How do you think the salary after retirement, will be more reasonable ## Do you think it is good to implement flexible retirement policy #