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Chapter 2 When Zhu Suosuo left the hospital, Yuan Xudong had more than 15,000 yuan on his hand. When he was going through the discharge procedure, the hospital returned jiang Nansun’s remaining funds to him. Jiang Nansun opened the one-card account for Yuan Xudong’s hospitalization using his ID card.Looking at the devil is still busy, Yuan Xudong’s mentality is a tremendous change.Yesterday, he is ordinary penniless, still owe the bank millions of mortgage, every day is the fear of losing the job, cut off the source of income and unable to pay the mortgage.Today, he is worth tens of millions, but also a system by the body, there is no mortgage is not clear, he does not have the original owner even a little memory, even if there is a mortgage.However, the original owner should be a person without mortgage, from the wallet to the mobile phone, and now wear cheap clothes on the body, as well as the only bank card without a dime, these show that the original owner is a poor person.Another key evidence is that the phone of the original owner has records of phone calls and short messages in the last year. He did not call those numbers. After all, those people are strangers with no memory to him, so he did not consider contacting them until he got used to them for some time.According to the text messages, they’re spam ads, the occasional reminder of a phone bill, no big money transfers, and no fixed monthly mortgage payments.Considering that the original owner had an old phone and could not use some social software such as wechat, he only communicated with people by phone in addition to meeting.There are only dozens of phone calls in his mobile phone in the last year, among which the most is the phone records of his mother and sister. His social circle must be very small, which is suitable for a smooth transition period of time.Interestingly, there is a yuan Xudong inside the address book of the people, or he is in the TV series when the time of the golden years have seen the characters, Luo Jiaming, that is, the golden years another heroine Zhu Suosuo’s cousin, do not know the other side and what is their relationship.Calculate, don’t want so much, pressing the matter of the moment is to change a smart phone afresh, go to bank and securities company to deal with some financial investment business, lest 10 million cash lie on account waste time.But before he could do that, he needed to buy a suit of clothes so that he would not be looked down upon without cause. It was not his style to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger..On the second floor of an old lane, a long-haired Man named Zhu Suosuo, dressed in pink pajamas and white shorts, was sitting on a desk by the window. His two long, smooth, white legs were stretched across the table.As she dabbed at nail polish in the sunset, she didn’t have to turn around to see that her cousin Luo Jiaming was watching her from outside. “What’s the matter, Luo Jiaming?” she shouted.”In the evening, our department dinner, they all take female friends, I think……”Luo Jiaming walked into zhu Shuo lock room, looking at the setting sun beautiful moving cousin expression twist way.’No!Wait for Luo Jiaming finish, Zhu Shuo lock will interrupt, the intention of the other side is obvious, if just to help but also doesn’t matter, the key is that he really like himself.”That’s all right. I’ll go out.”Luo Jiaming will be disappointed into the bottom of my heart, the surface of the wind light cloud light way, then ready to turn around and leave.”Wait, where are we having dinner tonight?”Zhu shuo shuo called Luo Jiaming, continue to daub nail polish, the head also do not return to say: “too far I do not go!””Fifteen minutes at most. I’ll get ready and call you when I’m ready.”Luo Jiaming complexion excited to leave, Zhu Lock lock is still expressionless daub nail polish, host is such, she was living in the uncle’s home since childhood, father all the year round out of sight, every time will only send some money back as her uncle’s living expenses.After waiting for aunt to take cousin to marry in, this kind of dependant feeling is enveloping her all the time more, can please family as far as possible in the life, maintain that sense of security carefully..At 5:30 PM, Yuan Xudong went out of the Business department of Oriental Wealth Securities and spent several hours buying a mobile phone, going to China Construction Bank for business, buying clothes in a brand store, and opening a stock investment account in the business Department of Oriental Wealth Securities. The life of the rich is really plain and boring!Mobile phone ring, Yuan Xudong from the pocket to take out the newly bought Huawei mobile phone, above the caller is Luo Jiaming, that is, Zhu Suosuo’s cousin, this is the opportunity to earn another 100 million bonus!Yuan xudong answered the phone without hesitation and did not speak. He waited for the other party to speak first, so as not to change.”Have you arrived, Asahi?I may be a little late, sorry for the trouble!””Excuse me, I was hit by a car this morning and I’m a bit confused. Where am I going again?””What?!You were in a car accident?!Is it serious?!””No, just a little confused. Tell me, where are we going again?””In the evening, our department dinner, in radio lane hot pot restaurant!””Good, I know, you send me positioning, I’m still outside, and so on the past, micro signal is my present mobile phone number!””Xu Dong elder brother, you finally change mobile phone!””The old machine was broken in a car accident, the female driver sent a smart phone, see you tonight!”‘See you tonight!Hang up the phone, open wechat, through Luo jiaming’s friend application, the other party first sent a funny smile, then sent over the dinner place, fortunately, not far away, 30 minutes by taxi.Just began to contact the most easy to brush good impression, especially since the lack of security and a little money worship Zhu Suolock, is simply their brush good impression of the most perfect Japanese, much easier than the strategy of Jiang Nansun.About half an hour later, Yuan Xudong finally arrived at the station lane boiler shop, the environment is still clean, many guests, obviously the shop inside the business is very good.Yuan Xudong in a black suit went into the store, looking for Luo Jiaming and Zhu Suolock, he has contacted each other in wechat before entering the store, to determine that only he has not arrived, everyone is waiting for him.In the process of moving, the guests both men and women around involuntarily glanced at two eyes xu-dong yuan, wear a suit in a hotpot restaurant guest is rare, xu-dong yuan and grow tall, slender legs, is very suitable for wearing a suit figure, fair complexion, handsome face, big eyes, high bridge of the nose, like posters in famous-brand suit spokesperson,More has a casual and confident temperament.”Brother Xudong, here we are!”Looking through the sound, Luo Jiaming was waving to himself by the escalator on the second floor. There were several ordinary looking men and women beside him. They thought they were all employees of the same department, programmers like Luo Jiaming.Cuddled up in a red figure LuoJiaMing side, long hair shawls, side head looked at downstairs xu-dong yuan, eyes, a pair of clear blue eyes, high nose bridge, flaming lips, face wears makeup look charming and the temperament of the reverse of Jiang Nasun completely, one and one charm like fire.Mr. Yuan smiled and nodded. Then he looked away, waved to Mr. Luo and his colleagues, and made his way to the second floor of the restaurant.Approaching the table, without waiting for everyone to speak, he took the lead in apologizing: “I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long. It’s my treat today.””Brother Xudong, I have just arrived, and I have already told everyone that I will treat you today, so you have no chance!”Luo Jiaming said with a smile, then introduce the side of the Zhu suo suo way: “Xu Dong elder brother, this is my girlfriend, she called Zhu Suo suo!””Hello, my name is Yuan Xudong, nice to meet you!””Hello!Xu-dong yuan looking at beautiful Zhu Suo lock stretched out his right hand, held briefly about the other side of the tip of the finger was coming, he looked aside all smiles LuoJiaMing opens the mouth to say with smile: “jia Ming, your girlfriend is really beautiful, if she has any good sisters, introduced me to the ah, just I a person came to the party this evening, you are all in pairs, deliberately and dog food?”‘No!Luo Jiaming smiled shyly and looked at yuan Xudong, who looked like two different people. He said unintentionally, “Brother Xudong, you are a little different today. You bought a new mobile phone and even bought new clothes and shoes.”Yeah, it looks really cool. What brand is it?”A curly hair, figure slightly fat eyes male asked, Yuan Xudong completely do not know each other, pretend to joke tone way: “I really rich today, go out in the morning by the car hit once, female driver or a rich young lady, she paid me a sum of medical expenses and……””How so many problems, but also let people have dinner, have to wait for more than half an hour, tomorrow to go to work!”A slightly sarcastic voice, seated close to a man with chubby eyes, supposedly a boyfriend and girlfriend, glares at her boyfriend and complains in a very clear and audible way, clearly pointing fingers.’Let’s all sit down to dinner!Yuan Xudong said with a smile that it would be better to eat without talking, so as to save himself from thinking about three points when he says a word.”Mr. Yuan, you just bought clothes today, if eating hot pot dirty is too pity, or put on this bar!”As Zhu handed Yuan a plastic coat that looked like a transparent raincoat, she joked: “It’s very generous of a rich woman to hit you with her car. Is Yuan a part-time job?”‘Of course not!Yuan Xudong smiled slightly and solemnly explained: “The rich girl who hit me is Jiang Nansun, a college student, and she gave me her mobile phone number. How could I intentionally cheat her into taking money?””Do you know Jiang Nansun?!”Zhu Suosuo face is surprised way, she is joking just now, Yuan Xudong body is wearing Armani advanced readymade clothes, wearing Jiang Shidandan on the hand, how could such a person touch porcelain!”She’s the one who hit me with the car. Do you know her?”Yuan Xudong pretended to be surprised, then took out his wallet and gave Zhu Suosuo a piece of paper with jiang Nansun’s mobile phone number. “This is her mobile phone number,” he said. “Do you know jiang Nansun?”Taking the note, he opened it and found it was Jiang nansun’s mobile phone number. Zhu gave the note back to Yuan Xudong and said with a smile, “Mr. Yuan, I can’t believe what you said is true!”‘Of course, I never cheat!Mr. Yuan responded with a smile.”Is it?Zhu Suosuo gave Yuan Xudong a meaningful look, and then began to drink alone. Jiang Nansun’s pocket money could not afford Yuan Xudong’s clothes. He said that he was not a liar, but a man’s mouth was a liar!”Lock lock, what do you do?”See Zhu suo lock and Yuan Xudong end talk with each other, a tall thin glasses male can’t wait to cut in, look at zhu Suo lock’s vision hidden is eager, make the girl friend face of side is ugly, a word does not say ground has a meal.”I’m unemployed and looking for a job.”Zhu Suosuo part smiling response, part head down to eat hot pot.”Haven’t got a job yet, it’s hard to find a job now!”Speak at woman pretended to care about before, see Zhu Suo lock just laughed don’t talk, she again see just stop eating without talking to one female colleagues said: “today the server 502, if the database CPU run is full, the background has been an error, is there anything that’s interface made a mistake, all the data to hung up!””Can’t, I write the new data page today, that data query language should be no problem!””Said the woman who had been eating in silence.”No, this data query language should not run like this online, should be handled alone, I told you last time.””Said a woman with a ponytail.Everyone is a programmer, and talking about things in the work, obviously want to let Zhu Suosuo this no work of the outsider embarrassed, Yuan Xudong surface calm, heart or quite panic, like mixed with the Wolf husky.Although he is the system’s lackey, can always lie down to win, but how much or a bit of shame, I am a programmer, but I don’t know what to do?Thinking of this, he quickly changed the subject and said: “Forget about work. Do you have to work for the boss on Sunday?This restaurant tastes good, everyone eat more, thank Jiamin for treating!””Come, let’s drink to Jiaming!”.Zhu Suosuo looked at Yuan Xudong with a smile, and everyone to drink, Yuan Xudong is a breath to drink a complete cup of beer, heart very carefree……Ding ~~ and Zhu Suosuo interaction, female guide system launched……Warm tips: Zhu Suosuo for your goodwill is 10, this new goodwill +10, the system reward fund of 10 million yuan, please make persistent efforts, as soon as possible to attack zhu Suosuo, lying on the way to win the courage!A mobile phone ringing, Yuan Xudong deliberately reached out to touch, but will be placed on the table of the mobile phone accidentally hit the ground, just fell in zhu Shuo shuo’s feet, she bent down to pick up yuan Xudong, lit up the screen across a message:Your savings card of CCB ending with no. 9188 received 10 million yuan in dividends from family trust fund and 19.2 million yuan in current balance at 19:13 on September 12.Zhu Suolock slightly open big eyes, calmly stand up, she will be mobile phone back to Yuan Xudong, then sit back to their position, slightly open and cousin Luo Jiaming distance, behavior is more elegant.”Thank you!Yuan Xudong took the phone, opened the message and looked at it, with a slight smile on his lips.”You’re welcome!Zhu suosuo nodded with a smile, and then pretended to be unintentional: “Mr. Yuan smiled so happily, what good news?”Saw one eye and everybody drink into a group, the Luo Jiaming of full mouth wine words, Yuan Xudong see to flaming red lip sexy charm of zhu Suo suo way of smile: “today meet two beauty, I of course happy!””Nonsense!”Zhu Suolock white he one eye, in the heart is delicious. handsome and rich, but also with Luo Jiaming these people mixed together, no rich shelf, this is not suitable for their prey?Think of here, her smile more charming moving up, only such a man worthy of my zhu Suo suo!(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Boys’ fiction Research Institute, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!