New Zhou Zhi if the group laugh, the actor no yan out of the mirror response, net friend: and the movie is not like

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The film has been remade many times, including eight versions as of 20109, but the film and television industry is still making remakes.Wang Jing has been controversial since it came out that she wants to remake “Lean on The Sky and Slay the Dragon”.Wang Jing’s version of “the Sky and the Dragon” did a lot of adaptation, such as Zhou Zhiruo into ji Xiaofu and Yang Xiao’s daughter, Zhao Min into a third party, Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhiruo have an old couple, and so on.Plot magic change not to say, actor appearance level let a person have a great sense of difference.Lin Feng plays Zhang Wuji, and although Wang jing explains it, she can’t help comparing it to Su’s version of Zhang Wuji.Three highly anticipated heroine, in addition to wen Yongshan’s appearance level online, the other two have obvious plastic surgery traces, Qiu Yi thick played the new Zhou Zhi if is more by the group.Since the release of The game, Qiu has been criticized for his plastic face, obvious signs of plastic surgery, and his failure to manage his facial expressions.In response to netizens’ ridicule, actor Qiu Yinong recently responded to the question about his appearance level by going live without makeup.In the live broadcast, Qiu appeared in a white T-shirt, looking relaxed and aging.Makeup is also more relaxed, without too much modification, in the eye socket and nose wing on both sides of the light shadow, build a feeling of a kind of element yan.The state of their own in a good presentation, give people a more comfortable and leisure feeling.Live footage of qiu Meaning thick, look a lot younger than the play, the skin state has a relatively puerile feeling, unlike the film zhou Zhi if the plastic sense of the face, also very old.Netizens have lamented that my real appearance is better than in the film, and even nothing like the film.Qiu Yi thick performance of the generous, not because of the doubts and black face.Instead with the net friend introduced the whole process of makeup, blunt don’t know why will become as in the film, the net friend ridicule is offended stylist?In the face of swollen face, Qiu Yi thick did not avoid, said he did not know why.She kept smiling in the face of netizens’ ridicule. Although her work was not recognized, her character was praised.This live broadcast is not only to clarify for themselves, but also indirectly to do a wave of publicity.She mentioned Lin Feng during the broadcast, saying he is very friendly and patient and teaches her the details of acting on set.Chiu also mentioned Louis Koo, who worked with him in Chasing the Dragon 2, and praised him for his lack of stardom, his approachability and humor.Many Hong Kong star no matter how big, are very down-to-earth perhaps this is why we like Hong Kong star.Qiu yinong once had a lot of good results in beauty contests. Although she entered the entertainment industry very early, she also worked very hard and even entered Shanghai Theatre Academy for further study, but she was not warm.The entertainment industry is changing fast, and qiu is 31 years old. It’s unclear whether she will find a suitable role, but for an actor, good work and acting are the most important thing.