Zhang Zifeng and Yanxu Jia?Leak!

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Today, it is estimated that many people are in the same mood as Teacher Huang.”I must cut something.””Do you believe me a sickle, this little brother to his death!”Sister ah sister, who can not say that you are blind?To begin with, at noon today, paparazzi released a candid video, recently photographed in 2001, the male love bean Yanxu Jia, two days ago in the night of Valentine’s Day, with a mysterious girl date.That night, the two dressed as lovers, and the girl went home with Yanxu.In the video, the girl’s hat and mask are tightly wrapped, and even her eyes cannot be seen. Only Yanxu has a clear face.To tell the truth, the video just issued to the inside of a while, eat melon masses heart is very disapprovingly.Which boy band?Oh, R1SE, old house wrecker.Who’s falling down?Oh yanjia, old love.But slowly, some sharp-eyed students found that something was wrong.Video sister in this mobile phone case, how exactly the same as Zhang Zifeng?Even the phone case with a card cover, with two cards, are not bad.No way…Will not spend the night with Yanxu Valentine’s Day sister, is Zhang Zifeng?Take this question to look for a clue again, ho, return true is not groundless wind.Zhang Zifeng and Yanxu Jia are both students and classmates in the 2020 Performance class of Nortel university.As one of the few star students in the class, they had more or less met each other, and were interviewed together as representatives of freshmen, down to talk in private, down to host together, down to the height difference between the girl and the boy on the shoulder, which seemed to be consistent with the video.Notice the running movement of the girl in the candid video above. This arm swing and walking habit are very similar to zhang Zifeng’s state in A Life Of Yearning.In the video, the girl is wearing the black and white stripes underneath. Zhang zifeng once posted a similar style in the same color on weibo, with the stripes basically the same width.Worst of all, it was revealed last October that “Zhang zifeng and Yanxu Jia are together.”There was nothing at all that would tie these two together.Since shortly after noon today, fans have flooded the comments section of Zhang’s studio’s latest micro blog, urging them to come out and deny the rumor.But as time slowly flowing, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Zifeng studio, Yanxu Jia and other parties have no meaning of response.This attitude is very subtle.More numerous netizens rushed to Huang lei’s weibo, asking him to contact Zhang Zifeng.”Look at your sister, she’s stuck in the dirt!Get the sickle!”Why do countless netizens, who are not fans at all, react so violently to this scandal?On the one hand, Zhang zifeng image is too good.Born in August 2001, Zhang zifeng made her debut in commercials at the age of five. At the age of eight, she played xiao Fang Deng in the film Aftershock, winning the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Newcomer.My classmate, Chinatown Detective, Little Separation, Hello, China, Take my brother away, Secret Visitor, My sister, Summer Future…She is the first female actress born in the 2000s to earn more than 10 billion yuan at the box office.Outside the play, she is also very characteristic, lovely, literary and artistic, fresh, temperament, understand life, it seems that all kinds of good words can be put on this sister.But Yanxu’s image, not so good.He is also a child star. He made his debut in commercials at the age of eight and began acting at the age of nine.In 2019, he participated in the talent show “Creative Camp” of Goose, and finally made his debut at the third place. He joined the male group R1SE, which is famous for collapsing houses.People are attracted to strong, Zhang Zifeng acting a riding dusts, writings;Yanjia can not sing, dance and act, no representative work, even if there is no other sauce, it is difficult to get blessing.Moreover, Yanxu actually collapsed in late 2020.Sister-in-law 1 @ small box of fish text and text news, hammer death Yanxu Jia in the group of love, idol morality, cold violence irresponsible.At the same time, yanxujia broke the news in the case of a girlfriend and her love, resulting in her “small three”.And sister-in-law # 2 @ XXXFFFFF-97 cross confirmation, Yanxu Jia cheating, foot on multiple boats, playing with girls’ feelings.The grand collapse of the house, the end to Yanxujia weibo apology.Zhang admitted earlier on the show that she has never had a romantic relationship because she has been busy filming and working in the film crew since she was a child and has little chance to meet her peers.So when I went to university and met yanxu jia of my age, I was tempted.It can be imagined that Zhang zifeng’s fans and passers-by have a breakdown in their hearts.Sister ah, you just wake up a bit!!Two days ago just praised Wu Qian eyes bright, start again, Zhang Zifeng can keep up with Ma Sichun sister’s team.Please, why are actresses obsessed with picking up trash?Up to now, Zhang Zifeng studio and other parties still have no response, hope that at last, we can wait for a satisfactory news.