Pierre-emerick Aubameyang has arrived in Barcelona and French journalists have revealed a blockbuster deal for Neymar

2022-05-18 0 By

While we are celebrating Chinese New Year, the international football transfer market is so full of rumours that it is hard for football fans to tell the truth.In particular, Barcelona, one of the biggest clubs in Europe, has been surprised by the trade situation.Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has been linked with Barcelona, has arrived in Barcelona, foreign media reports say.At the airport he met some red and blue fans, and aubameyang smiled and posed for photos with them.In a bizarre twist, aubameyang’s arrival at Barcelona was not intended by the club, and the club only found out about his arrival on the news.Barca club executives told reporters that Aubameyang came to Barcelona on his own initiative, the club was surprised.The club had no prior knowledge of the player’s arrival and did not send any of its staff to the airport to meet him.In fact, Aubameyang can join barca smoothly, there is still a great variable.At the moment it is a matter of financial fairness for Barca, as well as the disposal of Dembele.The club are exploring the possibility of dembele staying if aubameyang’s registration is completed.Aubameyang’s transfer has yet to be finished. on the other hand, there is a sensational deal for Barcelona.Fabrice Hawkins, a French journalist, revealed on his social media account that Barcelona had offered Dembele to Greater Paris in exchange for Their Brazilian star Neymar.The idea of Barcelona is very good. Dembele is still young, 24 years old, and Neymar is very strong, but in a few days he will be 30 days old. So we will give you Dembele, you just send Neymar.Fortunately, the management of Greater Paris was clear-headed and did not consider barca’s suggestion at all, just as the other side was joking.After the incident was exposed by media reporters, it immediately triggered a hot discussion on the Internet, with domestic fans joking that barca executives really dare to open their mouths, why did not swap Luc de Jong for Messi?It’s Chinese New Year, don’t just drink, eat a la carte.