Combine drive, purpose, and perseverance effectively to form the habit of intrepidity and progress

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Develop the habit of courage and progress.This is the 18th article in our closer reading of Crossing the Impossible.In Crossing the Impossible, the author explores three core characteristics that make impossible challengers different from the rest of us.The first characteristic is that they all have a big initial vision.It comes from their curiosity, passion and mission.The second characteristic is that they all experience more flow in the process of crossing the impossible.Flow is where you reach your full potential.The third characteristic is that they have the habit of valor, which is the ability to respond spontaneously to challenges at any time.A friend of mine plays chess very well.His father, a former professional chess player, taught him chess from an early age.I remember going to play with him once, and I happened to see him working on a chess problem.I looked at some of the questions and thought some of them were so difficult that I had to think slowly, but I found that the harder the questions were, he did them faster.I’m surprised. I’m not supposed to think about it slowly.His father’s instructions, he says, were that the harder problems should be shorter and quicker to think about.After a period of training, the more difficult the problem, the more excited he is, the more able to think quickly.What we thought was a challenge was not a challenge to him.No wonder his chess is improving so fast.In fact, the habit of intrepid progress, is the more challenges, the more to meet the difficulties.How to develop this habit of courage and progress?We need to effectively combine the three skills of motivation.First, adjust your inner drive, use curiosity, passion and mission to find your focus, use autonomy to find your path, and increase your sense of control along the way.It’s a skill you need to get started.Second, use appropriate goal setting to point the way forward.This is a skill that direction requires.Finally, as you move forward, practice the six fortitude, perseverance, control your thoughts, overcome your fears, make the best of the worst, focus on your weaknesses, and recover.This is a skill that the process requires.The improvement of these six fortitude forces can take us further and longer on this path, until we cross the impossible.Therefore, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We need to combine our inner driving force, goals and perseverance effectively to provide ourselves with continuous psychological energy, develop the habit of courage and progress, face up to challenges, and step by step overcome the impossibility of life.